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IMOD Mirasol Displays Coming in 2012 will dramatically improve battery life



by Robert Herron
Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yesterday, we told you about new Lithium-Ion Graphene batteries that will last 10 times longer than current smartphone and tablet batteries. Today we bring to you Interferometric Modulator Displays (IMOD).

Qualcomm is now finishing up their product of IMOD's branded as Mirasol. And these displays are promising battery consumption efficiency increases approximately ten times over current LCD's. Mirasol displays are now in development for release in the second half of 2012.

The thought of smartphones with batteries that last ten times longer and have large screen that sip one tenth the energy are very exciting. This blogger, for one, is looking forward to having a quad core 4.5 inch (or bigger) screen with LTE that runs several days between charges, even with moderate to heavy usage.

Oh, what an exciting time to be a dork Oh, BTW, there may be a small picture quality tradeoff. Maybe a little more grainy, like a Motorola Photon. Out of curiosity, is that something you could live with for such superior battery life? Sound off below in the comments...


Source: http://androidandme....d-half-of-2012/



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