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  1. I'm Baaaack

    After "leaving" Sprint in 2013 for MVNO Republic Wireless, I'm officially back on Sprint, thanks to their 1freeyear promotion. I must say, a lot has changed on Sprint's network since 2013!
  2. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Tested CP(beta) on an S8. IMHO works better than expected. Only really tested the receiving end (was listening to the movie hotline while driving out in the country, where LTE is marginal), so not sure if the opposite party would have heard me as well as I heard them. What is a bit iffy is the WiFi Calling handover where I tested it. Seems that the building you are in and connected to WiFi must have pretty good overlap of LTE and WiFi. So, if inside your building, LTE is weak or nonexistant, it won't usually handover in either direction. But, I was able to coax some handovers by finding areas with good overlap. Will run a test at home, where I have a -38db LTE signal from tower in my backyard. Vs. Verizon Advanced Calling 2.0 I would say that VZW will drop an VoLTE call very quickly, but Sprint will tolerate more LTE signal gap before dropping. At one point, I heard a CP call hang on through about 5 seconds of silence in a weak signal area, then it came back just fine. VZW will drop in that situation.
  3. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    So, where did everybody go? This used to be a hot-topic area... Anyone know if Sprint will be putting equipment on the new tower at the convergence of S. 8th and 9th Streets (US 27 S) in Richmond, Indiana?
  4. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Oxford tower off Morning Sun Rd now operating B41... Approx 30Mb/15Mb via speed test.
  5. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    I'm going to have to recommend Republic Wireless' Moto X (1st gen if you want 4G + simultaneous talk or 2nd Gen if you want 4G "Spark"). Spark speeds and B41 connectivity have been confirmed on the Moto X 2nd gen on Republic Wireless, an MVNO that uses Sprint, although Sprint doesn't sell the Moto X (and therefore, it's not labeled as a "Spark" phone). Gotta drop $400 for the phone up front, but you get up to 5GB of "Spark" speeds for $40/mo. Also, if you can't get a Sprint signal, you get call/text seamlessly over WiFi.
  6. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    No, although I have been tempted.
  7. Call forwarding questions

    Funny thing about Sprint is that they had to add a new * code to get the free call forwarding to work. I had always heard that the charge for *72 call forwarding was built into the system from the ground up...
  8. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    A few more observations... Centerville at Spring Valley Pike and Paragon has the B41 panels up, as well as the tower on US27 north of Millville. Surprised to see that the Dayton Mall towers don't have them yet.
  9. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Booth Rd. in Oxford also has B41 panels. I couldn't tell if Miami U had B41 panels up - it was too dark to see. If it does, they are smaller panels and don't yet have the amps attached to them.
  10. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Ahhh - I figured it might be a Sprint doing.
  11. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Must require some new equipment. What kind of speed do you get on Sparc? By the time I ran by it was too dark to see. Will have to try again during sunlight hours. I was out at Hueston Woods Lodge last weekend. Was getting 4-5 bars at the lodge and had at least 2 bars around most of the main drive. Looks like they're trying to hit the area with signal now. Problems with the SignalCheck Pro app over the last month or so making it difficult to tell which tower I am hitting.
  12. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Wouldn't think so - they hung the sector facing the university first. The sector facing my house wasn't up yet when I first noticed it; however, it is now.
  13. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    I will check the campus and the one south of town tomorrow. I know it is within the past few days. My phone is a MotoX original version, so I don't think I'd be able to check to see if band 41 is live yet.
  14. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    I stand corrected - they are indeed B41 Spark panels
  15. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    B26 panels have been added to the Morning Sun Rd tower in Oxford.
  16. AT&T putting up new antennas and RRUs

    AT&T has a history of doing this -- as they did with AMPS/TDMA sites when they phased over to GSM.
  17. AT&T putting up new antennas and RRUs

    Oh, no. You can still drop calls in areas that are not 100% NV, which is most places. If an old 3G tower gets ahold of your call, all bets are off. Data issues are even worse.
  18. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Well, not sure if it is the snow on the ground, but now I'm getting 3-4 bars at Dad's house when a call is in progress. Still only one measley bar in standby, and data is still slow. I did upgrade his WiFi router from an old Linksys 54g to a newer Asus 802.11ac. It did improve the coverage inside his house a little bit, which is nice with my Republic Wireless phone...
  19. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Same thing happens at my Dad's house. 1 bar of 4G outside, inside 2-3 bars of 3G that are not reliable. Solid 4G coverage on Sprint's map, although he is in the lighter-shaded area. Nearest "3G" yellow-shaded area is nearly a mile away from his house. Seems like a case of miscommunication between marketing and engineering...
  20. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Handoffs are finally working between Liberty, IN tower and Oxford, OH towers. Apparently someone finally loaded the correct candidate PN information!
  21. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    I should probably clarify -- by "clearly listed on Sprint's maps," I mean "clearly listed on http://sprint.com/coverage as a 4G data area." The tower maps in the sponsor forums still show quite a few 3G-only towers (and they are putting out only 3G, many not even 800 yet). Getting mad that Sprint would show this area 4G when it is not. When they shaded in the Dayton area, they were conservative. But now that they've also done Cincinnati, they've clearly jumped the gun.
  22. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Everyone complaining about not having B41 yet makes me laugh. Now, if I could just get some LTE love on the half dozen or so towers in Butler and Wayne counties that don't have it yet, but are clearly listed on Sprint's maps as solid LTE, I would be happy.
  23. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Sprint now has the entire Cincinnati area listed as Sprint Spark on its maps: http://sprint.com/maps HOWEVER, there are several areas where my phone doesn't get 4G and it should, which tells me some of the towers may not be cranking 4G yet.
  24. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Could be an issue with the Moto X or being with an MVNO.
  25. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Got me some INTERNATIONAL ROAMING love once around that area. Was several months ago... Maybe a fix?