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  1. i live out in blanchester in the middle of no where get about 2mpbs download, which i am fine with. at work in fairfeild i cant stream music for more the 5mins then have to wait 10-15mins before it comes back. one time i checked speed it was around 300kpbs
  2. lol, thanks i think i will cancel my srvice has only been 7 days, but i lose coverage all the time. plus most the time i have coverage its really slow under 0.500mpbs i have only hit over 1mpbs 2 times.
  3. I searched the forum and could not find any answers or information. Was wondering if anyone knows when cincinnati may get working 4g lte? I was told by sprint sales person that the towers are up and should be full working within 2 months, but i believe thats just a lie to try and get me to sign a 2yr contract. Thanks
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