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  1. Crashing on Note 4 here running Android 5.1.1. Loads up and then crashes on beta version 4.284b on SCP. Looking forward to the next version and I know Mike & crew will have it fixed for us when he can.
  2. 1 ring and then silence?

    Yes I am having the same problem here when I have a friend that is on GhetoPCS and when he calls me here at the house when I am using the Airave he hears it ring once then silent but I hear it ring my phone normally. I have WiFi calling not turned on here. Maybe it is on Sprint's side done everything I can think of to track it down and it comes up on Sprint's side.
  3. Sprint Roaming+ - Coverage Map Update

    Dentro de la Cobertura Garantizada pueden presentarse condiciones que afecten el servicio, debido a las características técnicas y al estado de conservación del equipo móvil del usuario o a su uso en el interior de algunos edificios, sitios subterráneos, elevadores, helicópteros, o en lugares que presenten una concentración inusual de usuarios. Nivel de cobertura -104 dBm. (The first part just says that service may be affected by being in a helicopter, underground, in an elevator etc) Here is the english version of the above from Google Within the guarantee coverage may occur that affect the service conditions due to the technical characteristics and condition of the user's computer or mobile use inside some buildings, underground sites, elevators, helicopters, or in places that present an unusual concentration of users. Coverage level -104 dBm.
  4. Sprint Roaming+ - Coverage Map Update

    Oh ok Thanks I forgot about that area and I see that is good when I do travel to have that there. Thanks again.
  5. Sprint Roaming+ - Coverage Map Update

    Has anyone notice also that when you zoom in on the Sprint coverage map on their site that a Roaming + comes on on the side of the map there unless I just didn't notice it til today? It is on the Voice Side nothing changes on the Data side of the map there.
  6. Current Sprint PRLs

    Got PRL 55021 on my Note 3 here. Wonder what changes are in this version?
  7. Windows 10 (Yes, You Heard That Right)

    I heard a lot of compatibility issues with Windows Vista that MS had to get Windows 7 out before it took MS down the tubes but I could be wrong but I have a bunch of friends that hate Vista because some of their hardware was not working right even with the updates so they got rid of it and bought a Windows 7 desktop when 7 came out. I had a laptop running Windows XP Home and I waited to upgrade my laptop to Windows 7 Home when it came out so I skipped Windows Vista with the problems I heard from my friends and the tech sites I go to said not to get Vista do to the problems it had so I waited it out.
  8. Windows 10 (Yes, You Heard That Right)

    You know I beta tested Windows ME in the early days of it and I liked it better than Windows 98 First & 2nd Edition. I have every Windows OS from Windows 1.0 thru Windows 8.1 on a Blu-Ray Disc here with ALL flavors and on top of that all MS-DOS. Out of all the Windows you mention I like Windows XP the most before Windows 7 came out which Windows 7 is now 1st on my list then Windows XP then Windows ME.
  9. Windows 10 (Yes, You Heard That Right)

    Windows Vista was junk then came Windows 7 was solid and I will stay put on there then Windows 8 came out and it was junk so Windows 10 will or should be the Windows 7.
  10. Just curious if anyone has a legend or list of what bands/freqs goes to what band class goes where: For example: Band 0 is the cellular band Band 1 is the PCS band A-F I and who knows would like to know of the breakdown of them. Thanks
  11. The Future and Evolution of Mobile Broadband

    I stopped the video where people said and took a screen shot of it and cropped it and then saved it and then attached it and this way other folks on here can understand and see what it is.
  12. The Future and Evolution of Mobile Broadband

    Here is that AT&T 4G in the OP's clip on post #1
  13. Softbank - New Sprint - Discussion

    Sorry, but she should of not had them on her phone there. Anyone with a brain would go thru and delete stuff like that and anything else you don't want others to see on your phone when your turning in a old phone for a new one or returning a phone to the store so things like this won't happen. I personally wipe my phones of ALL INFO before I return or turn in a phone to ANY store. I don't think Sprint should be liable for it due to the fact that once you turn in your phone and either replace it with a new phone, you release Sprint of all of their liability if I am correct on this if not please feel free to correct me on this.
  14. Just pay the $1.99 for it and you will enjoy the extra benefits that go with it. I did and lots of other members have and we enjoy it for what we use it for. Hope that helps to buy it and start enjoying it.
  15. Anyway to make it a bit larger like in filling the area up so people like me with bad eyes can see the small letters or numbers?
  16. WiWavelength, Wasn't there iDEN towers in MT like Great Falls, Billings, Butte, Missoula, and Helena areas? Whatever happened to those iDEN sites in those area? I thought there was a Airtel Montana wireless company out there that ran just that area. Can Sprint gain access to those areas or the 800MHz FIT that was talked about going to fill in those areas cause I know a good amount of people up there that would surely like to get Sprint service up there and dump their overpriced VZW & Deathstar service for Sprint. Thanks
  17. Sprint Airave

    Ok good that you checked out the MAC address on there. Like Digiblur had said by putting the GPS antenna outside that is what I did here. I have the Airave on the 2nd floor and run the cable outside the window and up to the peak of the 2nd story roof but I don't have tall trees near by. If you tried everything then I would demand everyday til they get sick & tired and send you a new unit and when then do make sure the MAC address and GPS are good and report back here if you get it working there for you.
  18. Sprint Airave

    I want to add if it hasn't been talked about is on the Airave unit there is a MAC address that the Airave CS will ask to make sure they have the correct #s of the unit with what is on file if that should be the problem that is making it not work there. I use mine here with a 50MBps down 5MBps up so that should work very well but again I don't use it for data like Digiblur says that is what WiFi is for.
  19. frequency list

    Thanks I thought you would like that. I plan on moving that to Arkansas from this POS of a state Calif when I get the money to move out there and have that dish re-done to get all the free backhauls on Ku-Band and maybe some C-Band stuff with a Free To Air unit and hook that up to my 65in HDTV 1080i/p system to watch that shows up there.
  20. frequency list

    I agree with you there Digiblur, I still have my 12' Paraclips dish in my backyard here but not hooked up. I remember those days cause I had that dish since 1992 at my mobile home before moving it to my current location and where you could watch all those free and all those well, you know all those PPV, Premium channels, & other channels thru getting codes to put in where you get the East, Central, Mtn, & West coast local channels. Here is a picture of my 12' dish I would get my free channels from.
  21. What happened to SON in LTE?

    If this guy has a lot of money, Do you think he might just want to fix that tooth of his as he smiles, let alone build out a LTE network?
  22. Ok. Thanks and yes I have access to those maps in the Sponsor area to compare what I find and what is on the maps here to see.
  23. Thanks and yeah it had some of those limitations too but sure was a nice app to have on there where it would tell you how close and or how far you were from the cell sites. The only thing off the top of my head I can remember that it had a flaw to it was the Signal Loc app would only go down to -80db and that would be it. What do you think would be as close as possible to what I had on my blackberry signal loc app you would say to get?
  24. Wish someone would come up with an app like I had for my Blackberry phone before going over to the Note 2 called Signal Loc. That signal loc app for the blackberry phone was a cool app that helped me locate the broadcasting Sprint tower and even roaming tower locations and then saved it to my SD card in a file and then exported it out to google maps to see a wider range of where I traveled and where all the towers it found. If only someone could create an app for the Android OS system for people like me that love going out and finding cell towers like that I would jump right on it and download that app for my phone here.