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  1. tbs123456

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    North Branch. Almost faster than my midco cable internet speeds. My new pixel 2 xl gets much better speeds than my old Nexus 6 even when not on band 41. I work in Golden valley and usually get in the 80s.
  2. I was also told it is for new activations only and the first month is free afterwards it is $7.99 a month.
  3. How? I'm being told only 1 line on the account can have Hulu added. I'm on the framily plan btw.
  4. tbs123456


    I'm always willing to help if i can. Thanks for the hard work!
  5. Where's the iphone raffle page? I must be blind as i can't find it.
  6. I tweeted him yesterday and he replied to me today asking for a direst message about issues I'm seeing.
  7. How do I find the local regional manager for Minnesota(great plains area)? I fouind Luke langer, but he seems to be for sales.
  8. tbs123456

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    The wife was seamless as she didn't have anything with seams on. ;-) Only saw band 26 and 25 when I checked. But this time last year only had about half as much coverage it seemed like. And thanks for the congrats everyone.
  9. tbs123456

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    Been in Duluth since sunday(mini honeymoon as I just got married on Saturday) and I have had 4g everywhere that we have gone. Don't think I dropped to 3g once. And it's pretty speedy too. Won't have a chance to drive around d doing some mapping as I think the wife would kill me. Now sprint just needs to fix the drive up here as I quite often drop to 3g.
  10. tbs123456

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    I would like to take up a collection to cover my losses.
  11. tbs123456

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    I was in mystic lake casino tonight and had band 41. Was getting around 20 down and 5 up in the middle of it. Forgot to check when I was outside, but was surprised to get band 41 in the casino.
  12. tbs123456

    Google Chromebooks

    Get an Asus transformer. The tegra 4 with the keyboard dock is around $300 on amazon or get a used one on eBay. I have the tf300 and love it. All the android apps on it, touch screen, keyboard dock with touch slate/mouse buttons. Like a laptop, but can be a tablet if needed.
  13. tbs123456

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    Some. Wasn't very strong.