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  1. Here is the album. Not awesome quality since I only had my cell. http://imgur.com/a/kfrf5Rr
  2. I went and took some closer up pictures, but they are to big to attach. I'll convert them later and post them.
  3. It already had band 41 on it though. Before I switched, I used to get around 85 down and like 10 up from that site using a pixel 2xl.
  4. North Branch at the intersection of 95 and 61. Not my pic. Got it off of Facebook. It's a Sprint only site. I am no longer with Sprint, had to switch to T-Mobile unfortunately so I can't do any testing.
  5. North Branch. Almost faster than my midco cable internet speeds. My new pixel 2 xl gets much better speeds than my old Nexus 6 even when not on band 41. I work in Golden valley and usually get in the 80s.
  6. I was also told it is for new activations only and the first month is free afterwards it is $7.99 a month.
  7. How? I'm being told only 1 line on the account can have Hulu added. I'm on the framily plan btw.
  8. I'm always willing to help if i can. Thanks for the hard work!
  9. I tweeted him yesterday and he replied to me today asking for a direst message about issues I'm seeing.
  10. How do I find the local regional manager for Minnesota(great plains area)? I fouind Luke langer, but he seems to be for sales.
  11. The wife was seamless as she didn't have anything with seams on. ;-) Only saw band 26 and 25 when I checked. But this time last year only had about half as much coverage it seemed like. And thanks for the congrats everyone.
  12. Been in Duluth since sunday(mini honeymoon as I just got married on Saturday) and I have had 4g everywhere that we have gone. Don't think I dropped to 3g once. And it's pretty speedy too. Won't have a chance to drive around d doing some mapping as I think the wife would kill me. Now sprint just needs to fix the drive up here as I quite often drop to 3g.
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