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  1. I had to leave Sprint after nearly 17 years if you combined Nextel/Sprint due to lack of coverage as my main reason that they were not expanding fast enough in areas I travel to but only to see they are slowlyyyyyyyy expanding but still not what I like to see when I have coverage with AT&T now. 2nd reason why I left is their CS people mainly overseas that you can't understand a damn thing with them most of the time for me when I had Sprint over the years it got worse for what I see. 3rd reason was the speed and I guess that was due to the cell towers from the house here were pretty far where the closes tower without 800MHz and if it had 800MHz wouldn't make to much of a difference is about 1/4 mile to the west of the house but with a good sizeable down tilt on the side of the tower aimed at the house. I don't like the increase of fees but what can we do about them? Like folks say, Vote with your wallet and go where the service works best for you like I did with AT&T. CS speak English most of the time when I called in for things and less than a minute to talk with them. Coverage is great since I have a tower from AT&T about less than a 1/8 of a mile to the south of me with speeds from 25MBps to 40MBps down and I am fine with that and no need for 5G here for me and they are expanding coverage along with Band 14 which will be on or hopefully on the Note 9 phone that I might get at the end of the year from my Note 8 phone.
  2. Crashing on Note 4 here running Android 5.1.1. Loads up and then crashes on beta version 4.284b on SCP. Looking forward to the next version and I know Mike & crew will have it fixed for us when he can.
  3. Yes I am having the same problem here when I have a friend that is on GhetoPCS and when he calls me here at the house when I am using the Airave he hears it ring once then silent but I hear it ring my phone normally. I have WiFi calling not turned on here. Maybe it is on Sprint's side done everything I can think of to track it down and it comes up on Sprint's side.
  4. Dentro de la Cobertura Garantizada pueden presentarse condiciones que afecten el servicio, debido a las características técnicas y al estado de conservación del equipo móvil del usuario o a su uso en el interior de algunos edificios, sitios subterráneos, elevadores, helicópteros, o en lugares que presenten una concentración inusual de usuarios. Nivel de cobertura -104 dBm. (The first part just says that service may be affected by being in a helicopter, underground, in an elevator etc) Here is the english version of the above from Google Within the guarantee coverage may occur that affect the service conditions due to the technical characteristics and condition of the user's computer or mobile use inside some buildings, underground sites, elevators, helicopters, or in places that present an unusual concentration of users. Coverage level -104 dBm.
  5. Oh ok Thanks I forgot about that area and I see that is good when I do travel to have that there. Thanks again.
  6. Has anyone notice also that when you zoom in on the Sprint coverage map on their site that a Roaming + comes on on the side of the map there unless I just didn't notice it til today? It is on the Voice Side nothing changes on the Data side of the map there.
  7. Got PRL 55021 on my Note 3 here. Wonder what changes are in this version?
  8. I heard a lot of compatibility issues with Windows Vista that MS had to get Windows 7 out before it took MS down the tubes but I could be wrong but I have a bunch of friends that hate Vista because some of their hardware was not working right even with the updates so they got rid of it and bought a Windows 7 desktop when 7 came out. I had a laptop running Windows XP Home and I waited to upgrade my laptop to Windows 7 Home when it came out so I skipped Windows Vista with the problems I heard from my friends and the tech sites I go to said not to get Vista do to the problems it had so I waited it out.
  9. You know I beta tested Windows ME in the early days of it and I liked it better than Windows 98 First & 2nd Edition. I have every Windows OS from Windows 1.0 thru Windows 8.1 on a Blu-Ray Disc here with ALL flavors and on top of that all MS-DOS. Out of all the Windows you mention I like Windows XP the most before Windows 7 came out which Windows 7 is now 1st on my list then Windows XP then Windows ME.
  10. Windows Vista was junk then came Windows 7 was solid and I will stay put on there then Windows 8 came out and it was junk so Windows 10 will or should be the Windows 7.
  11. Just curious if anyone has a legend or list of what bands/freqs goes to what band class goes where: For example: Band 0 is the cellular band Band 1 is the PCS band A-F I and who knows would like to know of the breakdown of them. Thanks
  12. I stopped the video where people said and took a screen shot of it and cropped it and then saved it and then attached it and this way other folks on here can understand and see what it is.
  13. Here is that AT&T 4G in the OP's clip on post #1
  14. Sorry, but she should of not had them on her phone there. Anyone with a brain would go thru and delete stuff like that and anything else you don't want others to see on your phone when your turning in a old phone for a new one or returning a phone to the store so things like this won't happen. I personally wipe my phones of ALL INFO before I return or turn in a phone to ANY store. I don't think Sprint should be liable for it due to the fact that once you turn in your phone and either replace it with a new phone, you release Sprint of all of their liability if I am correct on this if not please feel free to correct me on this.
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