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    LG V30

    I don't understand why they don't make the "wide" angle lens the default and the "regular" lens the "zoom" lens. You get the same lenses just defaulted wide and will please the people looking for a "zoom" lens and a wide lens.
  2. I use hangouts on a daily basis for work for both texts and phone calls. That is the percentage I typically hit when I use it for work. I am using it on 7.1.1 preview as well. Obviously I am not having the problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all apps after changing to 7.1.1 though. The biggest problem I have had is with Chrome. Before the last preview update, chrome would often become unstable and crash the phone.
  3. The area is where it starts to cut over to roaming. It is right at or just over cell edge, so that should be where I would see scans start, right?
  4. Looks like my previous post may have been non repeatable. I have gone to the same area more than once and have not seen again. Wondering if what happened was it displayed something weird during the scan and was incorrect, or just testing. It was just a blip, so I am leaning toward an incorrect display during a scan.
  5. Signal check lite reported a 1x800 signal outside of Cordele, GA today on hwy 300. I was at a gas station closer to Warwick, GA. It went away before I could get a screenshot. Will go there again either Sunday or Monday a try to get a screenshot.
  6. That would be correct. I drove through on the way to Augusta. No time to drive around as I had to be in Augusta and back home on a schedule. Figured, since no one else had mapped at all, some was better than none. Vienna has one tower. Cordele, 2. Albany, Leesburg, multiple towers, so it is a work in progress.
  7. Finally got an opportunity to do some mapping in the Vienna area. I also mapped out a little in Milledgeville yesterday. Both should be showing in sensorly now.
  8. The one in Vienna, ga had been accepted for awhile. It finally went live yesterday. Will be a few days before I can map it though. I am pulling about 17m down and 3 up average in my home. Def glad to see that.
  9. I checked out the map as well. Looks accurate for many places I frequent, however, there are several locations that show roaming only coverage while I know for a fact that there is good signal there. And you are right, the greens are too similar.
  10. I can't complain much about that monopoly though. I had dsl 6 years ago and live no where near town on a farm. Of course the Nextel tower within walking distance probably helped on that front.
  11. I understand and know that already. It is owned by a private rural monopoly. No other phone companies to provide alternatives anywhere nearby. I understand it must meet requirements as well. I am only referring to the fact that if they use that option, it should not be a problem as it is near already and it met Verizon's requirements.
  12. Fortunately, I know they already have fiber to at least the Verizon tower in my town, saw them running it. I can't get close enough to the sprint tower to find out. It is surrounded by trees and accessible only by a private driveway. But I know that area has fiber to the home available, so should be no big thing.
  13. I know I can't wait. Lol. I know I have dealt with some rough times with sprint over the last 10 years and it only looks to get better.
  14. My first post here, and I am loving this forum. I have learned far more about the underlying tech than I ever knew. Is there any info about the I-75 corridor upgrades. I figure Warner Robins would be near the top of the list due to the AFB. I know that in my area, some backhaul work must have been done. I went from having .7-.8 m download .5 upload at the end of last year to having 1.8-2m down and .8-1.1 up, not bad for a tower just covering I-75. This is better than any of the larger areas near me. But the Sprint network page is not showing any updates for my town. Though, when it used to show future updates, it showed mine as getting speed upgrades within 6 months. Thanks for an awesome sight.
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