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  1. Not for years, and even if they did they'd be more generous than the others. It is a big differentiator for Sprint. It is nice, but I have wifi so it isn't a selling point to me.
  2. Anyone know how many towers they have done? It looks like they went from one in Lincoln and Omaha to a handful in each city. Looks like they're making good, quick progress.
  3. Link = troll got it. Try not to be so petty. To make that claim that AT&T's variant reveals nothing regarding Sprint's is extremely short sighted. Do you know everything about every upcoming Sprint phone?
  4. The sprint variant of that phone was discussed in this thread. Shows that it is close to release and that phone is supporting multiple bands. Don't need to get defensive because another company is releasing a phone before sprint.
  5. http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/devices/samsung/galaxy-s-4-active-urban-gray.html#fbid=GfW3_IkVuPc
  6. Sorry if this is off topic, but it was touched on a bit in this thread, which areas of the country will sprint NOT have 800 mhz service? I think Robert had said it would cover most all of the USA.
  7. Up until about the last month it has not been bad. But recently I have been getting more and more frustrated. I don't run many speedtests, but quite often I find web pages failing to load and if I do a speedtest it comes back saying .1 mbps even though my phone claims full 3g. My town never got wimax and still isn't listed as an LTE "coming soon" recipient. Phone price isn't really an issue, but it also makes me a little mad to see Sprint pricing their Galaxy s4 higher than other carriers. And the $100 off deal to new customers really seems like they don't give a #$*& about their existing customers. It sucks and I strongly question whether it will be different in the next 12 months.
  8. That Sprint is going to deploy the 800 MHz LTE but not sell a phone that can use it is a real mystery. They were selling LTE phones before they had any LTE so I don't know why they'd hold back in this situation. Frustrating. I really wanted the S4. I wonder if Sprint will get a Nexus 5?
  9. Why do you need faster that 6-8 Mbps on a phone?
  10. It would be foolish to so quickly to dismiss incompetence and inaction at the highest levels of the company. Obviously we have some ideas that would help Sprint.
  11. Ughh my post sounds bad. How far behind are they? Do we have any realistic ideas? I would guess at least 6 months.
  12. That's a convenient stance. What will you tell people when Sprint doesn't meet it's target completion date?
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