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  1. That very same crane from the previous page was used this past two days in Bloomington at a site off of 94th and Penn that has a Sprint site but the antenna on top of it is not (I thought it was T-Mobile), something horrible must have happened because they took the old antenna completely off the top of the mast and set it on the tarmac at the base of the antenna, replaced the RRUs, the cabinet was opened and literally everything inside it appeared to be replaced, then the antenna at the top was replaced by Monday morning and they were literally working all day sunday on it. The nearest I can
  2. Maybe I'm just obliterated by the giant amount of messages in this thread and I don't know where to look but if they do merge as indicated what happens to all the equipment Sprint rolled out versus all the equipment T-Mobile is operating. Are they compatible? Can they work together effectively? What happens to our existing phones and agreements? Do they do some kind of weird clean slate where we start over? I suppose I should read something but there's a blizzard of information.
  3. Weird. I literally just signed up with Sprint again last saturday due to the "$200 in accessories deal!". I found out a week later about this merger. Hmmmmm. Well we'll see how this goes. I'm not very enamored of Verizon and their "we'll meter the daylights out of your existence" - I like the Sprint unlimited everything but we start getting "you'll get x hundreds minutes of talk time and this many text messages and this much data" for more money per month I'm not sure what I'll do then.
  4. I've sometimes seen it vary from phone to phone of the same model. These things are cranked out by the thousands and the quality control can be "interesting." I just drove from Rochester to Apple Valley the other day and the reception seemed pretty consistent on the way back but then again, I wasn't doing "high demand streaming" at the time.
  5. /delurk I have my 7+ Matte Black 256 and actually had to work with Marci Carris in their executive customer satisfaction area to actually get things moving. And they did. But here's what happened: not only did they give me credit on a monthly basis for my old phone they also gave me credit for the month I waited with hearing very little. As far as performance: I did a speedtest 900 feet from my nearest local tower and received 90.44 megabits download speed and 14.57 megabits up. So that was quite nice.
  6. Seems like things have stabilized to normal now in my area.
  7. I'm noticing this at the tower 900 feet from my home. Wife who works from home noticed it started yesterday sometimes. Her iPhone 5S and my 6 Plus will connect briefly to LTE but switch to 3G and stay there. If I go to the north I then connect to LTE but the southwest antenna array on that tower that covers my area appears to be out of sorts. Looked at the tower and cabs, looks like no work in progress that I can see and no visible storm damage or the like. I live in Central Bloomington if that helps.
  8. It's amazing how much this has changed since the start of the NV rollout - I've gone on trips all over Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, Michigan. There are gaps to be sure (especially west of Grand Forks or northern Wisconsin but it's massively better overall compared to say 18 months ago and the real fun thing is having a Band 41 tower 900 feet from my place. Crazy.
  9. All I know is the first call I received with this was so clear it was almost scary.
  10. Got my gold 128 gig 6+. I didn't think I was going to be able to afford it (this year has been pretty grim) but I was able to get far more than I expected for my old phone so I'm in business. The first shock: the sheer clarity of HD voice. Holy cow, it's like being on an intercom with someone on the other side of the wall. I expected some kind of system noise but even if someone is driving you can hear them so much better. My friend could hear another person in the room I was in chewing their gum on the other side of the conversation!
  11. See http://www.sprint.com/landings/iPhone It indicates the iPhone6 is Sprint Spark capable. Interesting.
  12. I just found some interesting information: See http://www.sprint.com/landings/iPhone It indicates the iPhone6 is Sprint Spark capable.
  13. I'll be happy to graduate from 32 gig. Now to decide: LargeMcBigPhone or BigMcLargeHugePhone.
  14. Exactly. That and the CSFB issues that the tri-band handsets such as the Nexus experiencing on towers not upgraded to 3g 800 mhz as yet (not sure about your local tower). Stay patient, this should be addressed soon. Much of the delays in my experience are related to towers waiting and waiting and waiting for fiber connections to be installed. Not Sprint's fault, the fiber vendor dragging their feet or high demand for fiber in that area and they do need to dig usually.
  15. FYI - apparently the original iPhone5 (not the 5c/5s) has HD voice capability but the type of HD voice capability it has is not compatible with Sprint's network. My guess? Apple wants more 5c/5s adopters so the old 5 is out of luck. Wouldn't be the first time.
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