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  1. Wow. According to my phone I supposedly did 23 gigabytes worth of speedtests. I can't believe it exceeded that much data. For 2-3 days after the switch I was doing speedtests when in a new area to see how things were there. Yeah, no more! Good lord.
  2. I have a horrid idea the cloud decided "oh, new network? I need to synch EVERYTHING!" More after I check.
  3. All: be careful once you switch to TMobile Sim. I'm not sure how this happened but I've received a message indicating I've used 37 GB this billing cycle and if I use 50 GB they may slow me down. I've never before gone beyond using 8 gb! I had Sprint's unlimited plan prior to this and thought I still was but I've NEVER come close to this massive usage ever, there must have been a huge amount of data downloaded as a result of converting. I've done some speedtests when I go from area to area but I can't imagine why I'd go from never going beyond using 8gb to over 37 and I'm right in
  4. Oh that's interesting about the spam protection. I got a call right after I switched the sim and got a incoming call that said "probably scam" which I've never seen before and sure enough it was one of those fake car extended warranty scam calls. Interesting. Anyone have problems getting their voicemail going after switching the sim? (update: I had to basically start from scratch so to speak)...
  5. Anecdotal evidence: I got an email offering a sim. I didn't respond to the email and I received a SIM in the mail with a flashy package job. (see the pic in this thread above). I did wait a couple days and figured I'd give it a go since cellmapper made TMobile look slightly better than Sprint in terms of sheer coverage. I did a speedtest over lunch today and got about 400 mbps down and 54 something up. Upload speed varied but the download speed was at or pushing 400 mbps. So not bad. Sprint I was getting 328 on the high side some months ago.
  6. It's very interesting - my "home tower" is technically TMo now according to cellmapper and a new tower about 1 mile away that I saw going in last year is technically the Sprint tower now. How strange. That being said I decided to test it and the TMobile network is possibly more widespread in my area but the max speeds aren't quite as high (yet). Since they're kind of building the bridge while crossing it that is bound to happen. But just so you know, if you swap to the TMobile SIM and convert over, you can't go back (I tried just to see what would happen). So someone can
  7. I sort of gave up on crowdsourced cell tower info when sensorly died but did not know about this - this is amazing! But, it looks like TMo has quite a bit more towers in my general area. Hmmm...
  8. That's a really good question - since Sprint and TMo merged a lot of the information I have/had is stale. I wonder. You would think by now they should be in the home stretch though.
  9. So I just got this in the mail today: They must REALLY want me (and probably others) off Sprint and onto TMobile asap. Do I do this? I'm not even sure my iPhone 12ProMax will work with their sim card - I thought they used Microsims. I live 900 feet from a b41 site on the Sprint side. But, I've NEVER had any experience using TMobile in this city so I have no clue what it's like. The very fastest speed I've gotten is 349 MB down and 100 MB up. But not all of the time. During the business day we're talking maybe half of that.
  10. So great, they have speed but they throttle video content more than the other carriers. Sounds wonderful! NOT.
  11. You guys are making me hungry. Chicken!
  12. Strange. I'm running an iPhone 12 and received a message from Sprint/TMobile in email regarding "It's time to upgrade to a bigger and better network at no extra cost" claiming I get access to a wider network resource allotment or the like. I supposedly will still pay bills and do other admin work via sprint.com and the mysprint app. I live 900 feet from a Sprint B41 tower and it's been fine but is this something I should pursue or is it something to be avoided?
  13. That very same crane from the previous page was used this past two days in Bloomington at a site off of 94th and Penn that has a Sprint site but the antenna on top of it is not (I thought it was T-Mobile), something horrible must have happened because they took the old antenna completely off the top of the mast and set it on the tarmac at the base of the antenna, replaced the RRUs, the cabinet was opened and literally everything inside it appeared to be replaced, then the antenna at the top was replaced by Monday morning and they were literally working all day sunday on it. The nearest I can
  14. Maybe I'm just obliterated by the giant amount of messages in this thread and I don't know where to look but if they do merge as indicated what happens to all the equipment Sprint rolled out versus all the equipment T-Mobile is operating. Are they compatible? Can they work together effectively? What happens to our existing phones and agreements? Do they do some kind of weird clean slate where we start over? I suppose I should read something but there's a blizzard of information.
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