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  1. [Teaser] Life's Good with VoLTE?

    To predict it a launch failure across the board due to lack of CAx3 is a bit nuts - most consumers will have no clue what carrier aggregation is or means. Those of us who do are a relatively small minority.


    That being said, despite the innovation attempt in design, it may well be a failure simply due to coming to the market late vs Samsung's latest alone, not to mention the potential for disenfranchised loyal customers who had bought into the back volume rocker contols from previous generation designs. I can easily envision LG ending up losing more sales than it gains regardless of carrier due to those 2 issues.

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  2. really? Lancaster is already covered in LTE and even has some good b41 in the majority of places I've been in from city to rural and decent b25 and 26 to follow up, whenever I head back over to shentel land (york) it makes me miss being up here, shentel was first, I'll give them that and I was surprised, but I really saw the difference after leaving that market, it was night and day. Do I think shentel can make a huge difference, of course, but I think lancaster is fine in the speed of the deployment, though I can't speak for the other areas.


    Lancaster is alright certainly, but you're missing my point;  it's not so much Lancaster proper, but the overall triangular region between all three points.  The areas between where Shentel cuts off along 283 and 30 into Lancaster and all points in between could really use the boost and symmetry that the Shentel areas in particular enjoy.

  3. I would be happy if Shentel would come east a bit of Harisburg and take over the Lancaster,Ephrata, Reading area, but that is probably wishful thinking as we will probably remain in the Philadelphia Market.


    I just said almost the same thing in another thread yesterday - Reading not so much in my opinion, but it would make a ton of sense if they could somehow takeover the greater Lancaster area and not only give travel coverage symmetry along 283 and 30 to current Shentel coverage borders into Harrisburg and York respectively, but flesh out/fill in the triangle created by such, since the 3 cities are so interconnected from just a business perspective alone.

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