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  1. So, I got an email today about the Call Screener app now being free with TMo's support (not sure if the app was updated behind the scenes or not prior to this). Anyone out there that has traditionally used the Hiya app that can give their impression/review of the Sprint/Tmo app compared to Hiya? I've always used Hiya to date and been fairly happy with it.
  2. I've enabled that option as far back as I can remember now on Android OS devices.
  3. I don't remember 'Never' being an option in the regular options, but you can always enable Developer options and then check the box to never timeout during charging - that's a must for me for every Android phone I ever get.
  4. My list is waaaaay shorter - I keep and use phones longer as I've never (especially in more recent years given how little really changes) felt the need to always go grab the latest/greatest....and I have no specifics memory of anything before my first psuedo smart phone. My first 2 phones once I ever got one were some basic Nokia model, followed by a 'feature phone' that I also think was still Nokia-based. Past that: HTC Fuze (AT&T, started out with them with my first phone when they were Cingular - think this is basically the same model as the Touch Pro Ian mentioned above, which was a WinMo phone) Epic 4G (my first Android experience, when I switched to Sprint) Motorola Photon Q (alas, the last of the QWERTY sliders) Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S5 LG G5 LG G7 LG G8X
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