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  1. How is the network from Simi Valley to Ojai now a days? I haven't been on the sprint network since the days of HTC Evo with wimax. I think simi has 4G throughout but no LTE+ yet. Does the area largely have band 26? I'm highly considering switching from Verizon but I love having usable data and no dead spots. Thoughts? I have a iPhone 6S so I will be able to take advantage of 2X CA (but it is not shown as being in Simi Valley yet on Sprints website).
  2. According to Sensorly 4G went live in parts of Simi Valley. Can anyone confirm if there is B41/how the speeds are?
  3. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=sprint+fdd-lte+bands Nibbles, seriously please stop spam posting this forum with questions that are easily found. Some of us look here for actual news in the North LA market. In case the link is confusing, Sprint is using bands 25, 26 and 41. FDD-LTE is on 26. Iphones don't have 41.
  4. Verizon is definitely pushing hard on the band 4. On my way home from school I saw crews working on a tower that upon driving by in the morning had the RRU's that Verizon is using for the band 4. I haven't been able to test the engineering screen yet. On a semi side not its great that sprint is pushing on the new network but the rollout is deplorable (at least in my county, and city). I'm not complaining, I know there are lots of challenges to permitting and such but other carriers have long covered my city in 4G.
  5. nibbles if you became a sponsor you would have access to more information. Your guess is as good as any ones. Frequently check with your local planning commission website, permits are usually pulled before work is done, thats your best bet for a rough estimate on when you'll get upgrades.
  6. Theres been a decent amount of wimax coverage in the oxnard ventura area for a while now. It never expanded because this area was being launched right as clearwire ran out of money.
  7. That would be amazing speeds by my frequented areas. The network is running off telegrams out here. Still no permitting proposed to Simi Valley planning commission which is why I'm now part of Big Red's empire. I'll still be reporting with tower pics when anything happens.
  8. I would assume testing if you only had it for a second. Become a sponsor and you can find out where towers are and you can go inspect them yourself to see if they are upgraded. (or just look at the awesome maps available to sponsors) Have you tried to look up permits that Sprint may have got from the city or county in your area? Thats another tall tale sign of upgrades either already completed or coming soon.
  9. It is stated that the updates are posted once weekly, anymore is a bonus. That has been the policy regardless of his moving. Yes Sprint is deploying TD-LTE on clearwire's vast spectrum of in the 2.5Ghz that they now own. This discussion is in many topics over the site. There is a list somewhere of the first markets to get this LTE launched....It is already live in many of those markets. This spectrum in the 2.5ghz will be what separates Sprint from other carriers since it can (I think) deploy it in 20x20 if not more. Lets get back to talking of the North LA market....
  10. Robert, has this map changed at all? Could you post one of the North LA market in the sponsors section possibly? I'm just curious as to why the outskirts of LA are not getting 800 Mhz and if my area will get it. The coverage is so poor in some of the red dotted areas that this is surprising to see. Specially by Gorman and the fringes of Ventura Country and LA county.
  11. In my town Clearwire had got approved for their permits on some towers but not all back in 2010 (round then). But that was when they went bankrupt so they never built out in Simi Valley. But Sprint NV is coming to Simi. So will they put the 2.6 on the sprint towers out there? Or does sprint only plan to build out 2.6 on existing clear towers.
  12. After a year on my HTC Evo battery it did not hold charges very well either. I'm sure there are utilities to look up the cycles that you have put on the battery or one that tells of its condition. Such as on my macbook pro, after about 500 cycles it can only hold about 90% of the charge it did when it was new. So its part of the deal with cycling the batteries hundreds of times. A new one would fix the issue of course.
  13. I will be getting my replacement evo through insurance tomorrow. Maybe that policy isn't enforced yet? I definitely do not pick up wimax in all locations that were once reported on Sensorly strangely enough.
  14. Just found the G2 posted on sprints website. Only says coming soon from what I can see. http://www.sprint.com/landings/lg_g2/index.html?INTCID=PHP:RG:LG:20130903 EDIT: Sorry for double post.
  15. Any news on when the NV/4G might start in Ventura County? (Just over the hill from NV in LA area thats outlined on one of the 4guru maps). I'm specifically looking for info on Simi Valley which the sprint website says "next 6 months" for many tower improvements. I would assume it would be part of the build out spreading outward from LA metro. Now in the "old days" of WiMax, clearwire actually got permitted on most cell sites in Simi from City Council but they ran out of money within the next few months so I never got to see 4G. I figured this would fit in LA metro since its a neighboring county and didn't warrant its own thread.
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