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  1. Wow! I never realized these things were so big!
  2. With regard to GMR, what causes them to do the full conversion of panels and then mount the radios on the ground? Is it when they convert a GMO to NV? Where the radios are already mounted on the ground so they just put up new antennas and run new cable? Nevermind I found that it's when they just can't fit the RRU next to the panel for various reasons.
  3. They also own the spectrum that Sprint is using. So their demands are fair, give us equivalent service or give us our spectrum back.
  4. I keep seeing GMO when referring to sites. Can someone explain what that means?
  5. I Have LTE in Matamoras, Pa! I wish I knew where the tower is though. It's also surprising cause of how small this area is.
  6. I'm curious to see when they're going to get to the Tri-State area of NY, NJ, and PA, specifically 12771, 18336, and 18337. All 3G only areas, some areas weaker than others. They've done some work as we're seeing more 3G coverage in the Delware Water Gap area but that's the only noticed improvement.
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