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  1. how do i get to know which band the mifi 500 is latched to ? tried 192.1681.1/debug and it shows band unknown.. Thanks!
  2. Anyone know what the other 14 markets are? I presume this is the Band 41 rollout
  3. I really hope that this fixes an issue I am seeing with connecting to my Wifi hotspot.. Everytime the phone sees the hotspot, it would not autoconnect - Just says 'Wifi network available'. I have to click on it to connect to the hotspot. Already tried the 'Use the network as is' option to no avail..
  4. got a refurb from newegg recently (nov 25) to activate on freedompop and the f/w upgrade went smooth. no glitches so far.. i read the reboot bug and was hoping to get an exchange if mine turned out defective. but it didn't, thankfully!
  5. Anyone with a N5 in lexington with LTE working? My N5 debug menu shows that phone is latched to band 26 and is 'idle' (i live in NW of lexington) and the about phone shows mobile state disconnected... Thanks
  6. My recently putchased N5 is on factory lollipop and will not connect to LTE. (new SIM is from TIng - SIMGLW206R). I am in lexington ky . I have to turn off eHRPD to connect to 3G (voice/sms work fine with eHRPD turned off). My other phone Galaxy Nexus connects to LTE just fine at the same location. With eHRPD turned on, there is no data whatsoever. Any pointers.. I am on RingPlus... Did a factory reset, SRCTN and PRofile/PRL update... Have already posted on R+ forums and put in a ticket, thought would post it here too.. Thanks
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