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  1. My refurbished 5X stopped working last week (11/16/2017) after having it for about 13 mouths and the first 5X only lasted about 11 mouths and 2 weeks just before the one year warranty expired. So I now have the Pixel 2(HTC).
  2. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/7448-adding-imei-to-sprint-db-troubles/?p=471308 My Nexus 5X did the same. So I am using my old Nexus 5 until the replacement refurbish 5X gets the IMEI added. When you call try to get somebody in tech support.
  3. My Nexus 5X stopped working on the 13th too a day after an vacation. I had Google to call me in order to get the phone replaced and can't activate it because it is not in Sprint's database. This is what I sent to Google on the "Get a call from a Google Support Specialist" page: "I was using the phone and the display just went off. The PC detects the Nexus 5X as a unknown device or "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008" now. I tried to adb sideload android but it keeps turning off and shows up as QDLoader 9008." The replacement refurbished Nexus 5X had Android 6.0.1 with the February security
  4. This is the best I can find. http://prl.digiblur.com/Sprint_55021.txt Take note that there is some changes since that PRL from 11/10/2014 If I search for "4120"(1X 1900) or "22407"(1X 800) (SIDs for DFW and East Texas) I find it is in geo 4.
  5. It happen to me on Band Priority and LTE_Available file in Edit or View.
  6. I got it also at 10:57 pm CST. And the PRL did update it's self a few days after the last profile update.
  7. I got it also at 4:59 am CST. It was a profile update my PRL is still 55030 it has not updated yet. I am waiting for the PRL to update it self (if it does).
  8. For my area the Nexus 5X holds onto a Sprint signal for dear life before going to roaming. It will try to stay on 3G, 1X or LTE to the very last moment and then some before roaming. At first I thought the phone did not or could not roam.
  9. This is just a test app I made to show that all LTE info is still available during the 1X/LTE. If you are curious if your phone shows 1X and LTE info you can test it with this app. That is all it is good for. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwjoW3wFn2LreWV1cVN1Zl92RDg/view?usp=docslist_api It is based on lordsutch's SignalDetector app. I am not responsible for any damage caused by the app.
  10. As for the 1X and LTE I think it is doing something similar to the iPhone as in it keeps a 1X connection for some time than it goes to just LTE. Some times my phone goes from 3G to LTE with out the simultaneous 1X/LTE. The issue that I and others have is that Site Notes and Neighbor cells don't work on your app but Neighbor cells does on CellMapper during the simultaneous 1X/LTE. Mike I will help you if I can. I did send you a diagnostic report with 1X/LTE and with just LTE showing. Sorry to keep bothering you about the 1X/LTE issue.
  11. Mike, I have a 1X/LTE issue of not updating the GCI, PCI and TAC that could be because of an IF/CASE with CDMA. I have notice on my Nexus 5X that if the phone shows 1X and LTE SCP does not show valid PCI and TAC it also does not show the GCI but Phone info and CellMapper app does show valid info. If you can get SCP to show all LTE info with 1X the Neighbor cell and Site Notes may work. Edit: On your To-Do List the "Android 5+: Some devices are showing “extra” connections that are not valid, i.e. simultaneous 1X/GSM and LTE connections." my Nexus 5X does show valid 1X and LTE info. It is ju
  12. I can try to take the two(CDMA and LTE) csv files and turn it into a db file with SqliteBrowser.
  13. Just to add to the 1X/LTE issues my Nexus 5 has not shown 1X and LTE at the same time with 5.1 or 6.0 OTA update. The link to the image.
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