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  1. You are indeed correct. Likely nothing will change in the short term. But I believe tmobile's pricing to be better than Sprint's for now. And pricing would likely be the first thing to change in a merger I believe. Once network vision is done, Sprint will blow them out the water on data coverage though
  2. As a recent T-Mobile converter, please, no. God no. Im finally able to actually use my connection. I think Sprint should give it a couple years to get the network vision plan fleshed out before making any power moves
  3. Blood on the leaves...

  4. RT @DaBlacBombshell: I'm not saying the pledge of allegiance anymore either .. "One nation under God......With liberty and justice for all"…

  5. "I do I do!" (Says nobody) RT @MrsPolliePop: Who wanna wash my car today.. lmao

  6. New and improved august23veryown http://t.co/TUUuJf9Pgd

  7. da fuck?«@Hilary_Banxxx «@KLittle828 I like to have my anus tickled when I'm stroking»»

  8. I get pretty annoyed at tha c word

  9. So word is that the H getting a new area code.(346)..that was fast cause I still remember when they added 832..

  10. Just pissed myself off

  11. strangely funny as shit «@KattWilliams bruh http://t.co/fSMjjCDxo2»

  12. Man sprint data aint shit

  13. I miss my iphone

  14. I miss my iphone

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