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  1. I didn't take any pictures of the sites in Las Cruces, but from what I gathered they replaced their old equipment with 16t16r equipment. It was a great experience overall, even on B25. B26 will be a great addition there.
  2. So visiting Las Cruces this weekend, drove though El Paso and I-10 seems to be fixed between just east of downtown El Paso all the way to Las Cruces. Las Cruces itself seems to be covered with 8t8r's as I am seeing 3 carriers in the south, central and northern parts of the city. Just the addition of B41 unloaded a lot of B25 for those less lucky areas. Haven't seen MM and it's curious that El Paso has those while Las Cruces gets the better equipment.
  3. If they're getting ready to start rolling out B26 they probably need to go install RRU's since they probably hadn't bothered, being in the IBEZ and what not.
  4. rackhivee

    Note 9 rumor thread.

    Something from Forbes Regarding the in screen fingerprint scanner everyone keeps hoping for.
  5. rackhivee

    Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    Well that explains it. I'm actually impressed they upgraded their current customers without having us call in for the upgrade.
  6. rackhivee

    Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    Unrelated to Sprint, anybody here from San Antonio that uses Spectrum for their internet service? The past few days my internet speed has gone up, damn near pulled 200 Mbps DL just a couple minutes ago. 150 Mbps last night. I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if they are changing their 100 Mbps tier to higher speeds or if I'm just getting lucky with this. I haven't made any changes to my account.
  7. rackhivee

    Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    Looks like the small cell I found a couple weeks ago is close to coming live. It Needs a power meter, don't know if this will be a relay or if it will have a different type of backhaul. Don't know much about small cells. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yYsqb51_yI9kbGZccxXqy9ds4j1laxDz/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/121fw6XrIBB3FW8jngwdQ0qa9xHw3tUWh/view?usp=sharing
  8. Is that where the Hollywood video used to be next to Taco Bell?
  9. rackhivee

    Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    This is the first sign I have seen of Sprint doing some physical work in San Antonio since a few permits that came through earlier in the year. I tried looking for permits for this install, but I didn't find anything in the portal for either Sprint or Mobilitie. This makes me wonder if Mobilitie has a subcontractor working this area.
  10. rackhivee

    Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    Here is the tag on the pole. No equipment on it yet. It just came up this evening, around 6 I'm told.
  11. rackhivee

    Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    I found a Mobilitie light post in my neighborhood tonight. I will post a picture when I get home from my walk with my dog.
  12. rackhivee

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Before MB I was usually parked in lackluster B25 and B26 in and outside my house, pulling less than 1 Mbps. Only had B41 ocassionally in my bedroom on the second floor. I managed to test that B41 service a few times at -115 dBm and pulled 30 to 50 Mbps, but only in my bedroom. Not in the front yard, not in my backyard or anywhere else around my neighborhood. Now I get around 10 Mbps throughout the house and around my property, which is a 10x increase from before, uploads remained consistent at around 3 to 5 Mbps. Obviously if I constantly had B41 service I wouldn't have requested the MB.
  13. rackhivee

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I think my MB is running a single carrier of B41 backhaul. I get speeds of a third of what my phone can get in the one room in my house that gets any B41 with 3 CA. Between 10 and 16 Mbps where the phone alone can reach 30 to 50 Mbps download.
  14. Well, from a post in "The Wall" about VZW & TM spectrum swap I gathered that it has 20 MHz of C block allocated for Sprint and the usual 10 MHz G block for a total of 30 MHz in Las Cruces.