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  1. Sprint was being vague on how/if I would be able to upgrade my iPhone 6s Plus to the iPhone 7. I'm already in the iPhone Forever plan and was looking to upgrade. I got clarification by speaking to another Rep just a few minutes ago. I am able to upgrade if I've made 12 payments on my current iPhone, I'll just have to pay-off the remaining lease balance. I was confused, because I was told by several agents that I was eligible for upgrade with no penalty and DIDN'T have to pay anything to upgrade. I was even told this by the rep at the Sprint store when I originally signed up for iPhone Forever. As with anything, the devil is in the details.
  2. Question: How is this going to work for "iPhone for life" people? Any guidance on how this work? Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  3. I haven't been keeping up with the root metrics scores. What are they now for Jax? I'm not having terrible data issues here, just that speeds seemed to have slowed considerably and B41 deployment has halted.
  4. Yeah, I agree. I'm happy with my iPhone 6s Plus and my wife's iPhone 6 Plus. I need to sell my LG G3, but it has a cracked screen. Anyway, yeah........ MOAR LITES!
  5. Been good man, how are you guys? I've been lurking, just haven't posted anything in a while. Waiting on Sprint to finally start adding capacity in Jax. Soon[emoji769]
  6. Weird. My issues and my wife's issue are city wide. Both phones can't be broke. She has the 6+ and I'm now on a 6s+. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  7. If I go anywhere, it'll probably be Verizon, TBH. I travel a lot and need all I can get, coverage-wise. I'd rather not leave Sprint. They were headed in the right direction for a spell. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  8. Not sure what's going on. Sprint was really good after NV1.0 was mostly completed in Jax, then about 3 months ago went to total shit. Clear B41 is totally overloaded and calls are totally unreliable. If you can catch some Sprint B41, it is fast, especially with CA. Do we still have a High-Level Sprint contact that we can contact on S4GRU? Anybody that you guys know? I've called and submitted countless tickets and never get a response and the issue continues to get worse. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  9. Wifi calling is totally unreliable. I'm even using Sprint's ASUS A/C router (which is a great router, btw). Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  10. No idea. Seems like it is. All of my lines are iPhones now, so I can't be sure. It is like the iPhone isn't pinging the network to check for calls and when a call comes through, it just rings and rings on the callers end until VM picks up, while the iPhone you're calling never once rings. This happens on just about every call. I have to call my wife 5-10times to get through to her and vise-versa. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  11. This morning?!? This is an everyday issue now. It is terrible. I've done everything I can do (I.e. Updates) on all of my iPhone's and it is still a huge issue. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatalk
  12. Well, Sprint screwed up and didn't complete the order......Go figure. Hopefully got it straight. Let's see how long this takes now. Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  13. How long does it usually take for Sprint to actually ship these routers? I ordered mine several days ago and haven't received word that it has shipped. The Sprint rep stated that Sprint would email when the order has been fulfilled. Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  14. Waiting on mine to show up. We'll see how well it works once it arrives! Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  15. Exactly. Where is the basis? Sprint is using the newest equipment on the market. Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  16. CaryTheLabelGuy

    LG G3

    Yup. I disabled it and am still seeing it running. Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  17. CaryTheLabelGuy

    LG G3

    You're absolutely correct. My fear isn't rooting, it is the endless customization and availability of different Roms, which makes choosing the correct one difficult for somebody that doesn't follow this stuff everyday. It is slightly overwhelming. I just want a bone stock Android L ROM that I can tweak from there, rooted obviously. Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  18. CaryTheLabelGuy

    LG G3

    This is what I was afraid of. :sadface: Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  19. CaryTheLabelGuy

    LG G3

    Does it with everything, even WiFi. It is driving me insane. While I love lollipop, it is proven to be buggy as hell, at least LG's implementation of it. Ugh. As soon as I can root this shit, I'm going as stock android L as I can get. Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  20. CaryTheLabelGuy

    LG G3

    OK guys, my G3 started getting the "unable to connect to proxy server" error yesterday. It'll happen randomly and when it does, I have zero internet connections. A reboot will fix it until it happens again. Has anybody figured out what is causing this or how to fix it? Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
  21. One of the MAIN reasons I use an iPhone 6+ alongside my G3 is for the camera. Don't get me wrong, the G3 has a really nice camera, but it doesn't hold a candle to the iPhone 6+, especially in low-light. The 4k video on the G3 is a different animal, however. If you guys are interested in some decent iPhone photography, you can head over to my Instagram (@carythelabelguy). Most shots are from the iPhone or s DSLR unless stated otherwise. Sent from my LG G3 using Tapatalk
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