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  1. --Posted 28 March 2012 - 12:24 AM Wasn't these numbers posted a year ago? Has it been sitting at 39% complete for 15 months? Is this as good as it gets for us?
  2. Definitely not long beach, ca or Lakewood. in almost every city in the 45 miles surrounding Los Angeles LTE is only available in sparse spots.I'm guessing it's about 50 percent complete for a city that Sprint considers 100 percent deployed. If this is a sign of what 100 percent deployment is,this is very disappointing.
  3. Any chance that South Long Beach California will get upgrade it with 4g LTE anytime soon? Right now there's just a little bit off LTE on PCHand north of PCH or west of the 710 freeway. Are all the sites south of PCH going to be GMo's?
  4. I disagree, I would like to run navigation with satellite view and high quality streaming audio and that's not currently possible with 3g. As a passenger, I'd like to watch netflix. I could care less at home, I have 30mb WiFi.
  5. I had a Samsung galaxy indulge LTE and it was the worst phone I have ever had. 2 hour battery life, crashed 3 times a day, overheated, etc. That's why I went with htc.
  6. A couple suggestions....let's get rid of fm and use that frequency for voice calls to relieve the 800 band for data. Radio is dead. I only here it for about 20 seconds every morning as an alarm clock feature. Plus penetration would be outstanding.
  7. I pay $35 for 30mbit LOL. It's a trade off, I get high speed in my big city, you get to still see the milky way without light pollution and not have to travel 120 miles to do it.
  8. How's that apple navigation map working for you? How about YouTube? Next on apple's list is netflix so that they can force you to pay for apple tv.
  9. It's coming to Long Beach too! In 90804 ehrpd just got turned on. I couldn't send texts, sprint made me do the ##72786#. Had issues with activation, turned off me cdma/lte to just cdma. The activation of the phone finally worked. (it was failing with 1211 code when updating profiles) I checked a few of my last speedtests, and Monterrey park got turned on too. The last pictures is from Long Beach. The usual speed in my house was around 20-40k, now I'm getting more than 10X that!
  10. Should the 3g connection speed on a separate backhaul improve once LTE goes live on that tower due to some phones switching to use the 4g and relieving usage on the 3g backhaul for devices that don't have an LTE connection?
  11. So the rep that told me LTE is going live in September is full of it? The LA area is not going to light up till December now?
  12. This is the fastest I've seen right next to lb airport
  13. Pcguru2000


    what program do you use to change your pearl? The only thing I can do is press the update prl button. What program takes a screenshot of your phone?
  14. Pcguru2000


    So do you constantly roam even in sprint area?
  15. Not to sound cheap but was is the min donation? Do u take credit cards?
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    Can you make phone calls through wifi if you didn't have any cell signal? What about texting?
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    Hello to everyone. I'm newly registered but i've been following this blog for quite awhile. You all seem very intelligent and well informed about the LTE and sprint. This afternoon I got an opportunity to play with the evo 4g lte in Santa Ana, ca. I also downloaded pandora 4mb which took like 10 minutes it seemed. I didnt time it. I ran pandora and it took between 30 seconds to 1 minute to buffer when changing stations and skipping songs. I then let the song end normally and it was about 10-15 sec between songs. Sound quality sounds good. I was in the store with a 4 to 5 bar signal, no wifi. I also noticed that the pandora was add free, any idea why? So my main use for the phone is for voice on the road with a jawbone headset and playing pandora through my custom car stereo mod 1/8th" stereo jack. I tested the speed with speed test and got 160k down and 300 up. Is this average? How much problems am I going to have with pandora while driving? At this speed it is ludicrous to pay for premium pandora since I'm barely getting enough bandwidth for the free version? The employee told me let is not coming for 2 years. Is this true? She also said don't expect 3g improvement in speeds. Is this also true?
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