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  1. On quick usage I'm liking the OneUI especially the ability to pull menus lower. Lots to explore now. I'm very disappointed though that we don't have VoLTE with this... still Calling Plus
  2. So I'm having an interesting problem in Inwood. I get off the train and my phone suddenly goes to the date of 2/23/18 at 10am. I turn off network time and set it right since WhatsApp wouldn't work due to the date time error. Turned network time back on and back to 2/23/18. Restart, same thing. So I'm off network time right now. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue? Good thing I discovered this before I went to bed and relied on alarms set by day of week.
  3. If you plan on frequently using the phone and need the Internet connection while on the phone, you'll want to get something separate from using your phone as a hotspot. That will change if ever VoLTE becomes reality.
  4. Yeah I found the issue on repl.it reddit as well... glad it wasn't just my account. (Lesson planning at 10:30pm using repl.it and my brain defaulted there)
  5. Is anyone having Google Voice issues? Not sure if it's a NYC area problem so that's why I'm posting it here. I'm not getting any texts. I can send and I can make/receive calls, but nothing inbound.
  6. The Park Ave tunnel for Metro North appears to finally be wired and online. I'm writing this from the train now. I was using my Hotspot for work and noticed my Google Spreadsheet was auto saving even underground... ran a speed test and got about 10 down. Not too bad at all and it's about time! I wonder if GCT lower level (inside the terminal) is wired... I'll know soon enough.
  7. I moved to a plan three years ago that supposedly has 100MB limits on data roaming. I have two lines, one for work and one personal, and both allowed me up to the 300MB limit, not 100MB, without overage charges. I too, however, was on US Cellular LTE in Maine, so maybe it's a USC thing. EDIT: When I hit 300MB on my work phone, it most certainly cut me off. A Sprint web page would show I hit the limit.
  8. Good to know. I'll look tomorrow when I get to work if you don't beat me to it.
  9. I'm definitely getting a small cell in the Bronx near 176th and 3rd Ave. It's hard to pinpoint; my school is 4 stories tall across the street from Tremont Park, which has a huge hill that the 4th floor can look over. The lower floors of the building, and the hill, form a tunnel along 3rd Ave. The reason I'm stating this is that when I'm on the 4th floor I can pick up signals I can't on lower floors or the street, and it's hard to pinpoint where it's coming from without going for long walks... But, for the goodies... GCI: 012B7831 EARFCN: 40072
  10. And New Yorkers who regularly claim "subway delay, couldn't call because I was underground" due to perpetual lateness cry in agony...
  11. How did the download come through? There's no updates through the typical update screen.
  12. I've started having some intermittent nasty battery issues myself. Cell Standby will sometimes towards the top of the list of apps consuming the most battery. Right now it's above the screen. This happened after the last OTA update. I've just re-provisioned the network settings using ##72786# so hopefully that will help. Also my battery will drain to zero, only to reboot it and it will be at 5%, or plug it in with the power off and it will show 9% already. I did the GoDaddy protection when I bought it at Best Buy and I get a free battery replacement over the two-year life of the device and I'm about to cash in on that. That will hopefully solve my percentage issues when I get around to it.
  13. Forgot to post that I've noticed the second carrier in the Bronx. I was on the 15 bus near 180th and 3rd Ave and got the second B25 carrier, if only briefly.
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