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  1. Good to know... I think I'm going to switch back to Sprint if I can. I know that near my job near 3rd/Tremont, Sprint finally has great service with the installation and configuration of all of the small cells in the area. Last night after I posted I was getting 6 down on B2, instead of the usual 150 on B41. Does anyone know if I *can* switch back? I'm going to hound Sprint, but you all might have quicker more real answers than the random reps I will get.
  2. So I haven't posted in a minute, but today I decided to swap out my Sprint SIM for T-Mobile. They sent me an email saying to go and get the best out of T-Mobile's network. Boy, do I regret it. My speeds dropped from 120 down and 10 up to 30 down and 0.5 up, and I'm on band 2 sometimes with band 4 for CA. I'm hoping areas of the Bronx are better, but part of me wants to run back and grab my Sprint SIM even though I feel it's too late. Anyone else having similar frustrations? Non-5G device here... Note 10+ (not sure what my profile says anymore lol). I mean at the end of the day, for what I do online, 30 is fine, but still, it'd be nice to see more. Edit: I live near Dyckman.
  3. I just looked at the 2019 first-half awards and scores. It appears that Sprint is faring quite well in NYC relative to some other markets; Sprint's performance (by their metrics) is pretty shabby in some other areas of the country.
  4. Well, after literal years of reporting nearly unusable LTE from small sites in the vicinity of 3rd Ave and the Cross Bronx, I returned from vacation to discover that I'm getting about 25mbps down from the small cell that I used to get frequently unusable data from. I noticed a few more small cells going in the area too. Regardless of what happened, I can finally go outside of my school, off the WiFi, in 4GLTE mode and not 3G mode and use my phone. Just wanted to share the (very) happy and exciting news from my small neck of the woods.
  5. On quick usage I'm liking the OneUI especially the ability to pull menus lower. Lots to explore now. I'm very disappointed though that we don't have VoLTE with this... still Calling Plus
  6. Pie is available for the Note 8! Downloadong the OTA update now.
  7. So I'm having an interesting problem in Inwood. I get off the train and my phone suddenly goes to the date of 2/23/18 at 10am. I turn off network time and set it right since WhatsApp wouldn't work due to the date time error. Turned network time back on and back to 2/23/18. Restart, same thing. So I'm off network time right now. Anyone else experiencing a similar issue? Good thing I discovered this before I went to bed and relied on alarms set by day of week.
  8. If you plan on frequently using the phone and need the Internet connection while on the phone, you'll want to get something separate from using your phone as a hotspot. That will change if ever VoLTE becomes reality.
  9. Yeah I found the issue on repl.it reddit as well... glad it wasn't just my account. (Lesson planning at 10:30pm using repl.it and my brain defaulted there)
  10. Is anyone having Google Voice issues? Not sure if it's a NYC area problem so that's why I'm posting it here. I'm not getting any texts. I can send and I can make/receive calls, but nothing inbound.
  11. The Park Ave tunnel for Metro North appears to finally be wired and online. I'm writing this from the train now. I was using my Hotspot for work and noticed my Google Spreadsheet was auto saving even underground... ran a speed test and got about 10 down. Not too bad at all and it's about time! I wonder if GCT lower level (inside the terminal) is wired... I'll know soon enough.
  12. I moved to a plan three years ago that supposedly has 100MB limits on data roaming. I have two lines, one for work and one personal, and both allowed me up to the 300MB limit, not 100MB, without overage charges. I too, however, was on US Cellular LTE in Maine, so maybe it's a USC thing. EDIT: When I hit 300MB on my work phone, it most certainly cut me off. A Sprint web page would show I hit the limit.
  13. Good to know. I'll look tomorrow when I get to work if you don't beat me to it.
  14. I'm definitely getting a small cell in the Bronx near 176th and 3rd Ave. It's hard to pinpoint; my school is 4 stories tall across the street from Tremont Park, which has a huge hill that the 4th floor can look over. The lower floors of the building, and the hill, form a tunnel along 3rd Ave. The reason I'm stating this is that when I'm on the 4th floor I can pick up signals I can't on lower floors or the street, and it's hard to pinpoint where it's coming from without going for long walks... But, for the goodies... GCI: 012B7831 EARFCN: 40072
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