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  1. Not true. I'm SERO and bought from Google just fine. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  2. Maybe related? I mounted a QI wireless charger in my car dock. When I have it in the cradle (and charging) it blocks my cars ability to read that my key is in the car (wireless key fob). So if the car is running and the phone is in the cradle, if I open a door then close the door (forces the car to find the key fob) the car gives me a warning that it cannot detect the key fob. So I take the phone out of the cradle, allow the car to find the key fob, then put the phone back in the cradle. I wonder if the detector module for the car happens to sit behind or near where my cradle is mounted.
  3. I was at the DBacks game yesterday. Had full bars of LTE but no data. I had to drop down to 3G to get any data. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. The first 2 days I had my N5 it connected to LTE fine, but I couldn't get any phone calls to come through. I could make outgoing calls however. I have since turned off LTE and I get and can make calls as expected. I've left LTE off for now until the issues can be fixed.
  5. Super was a no go. She said they cannot order for a phone they have not released yet...
  6. On the phone with them now... They cannot figure out what kind of SIM to send me... The Nexus 5 uses a Micro SIM according to what I have read.
  7. Cool information there! Now, how do I determine what my actual closest tower is and correlate that to the map in the link?
  8. How does one become a sponsor, and how much does it cost? Unfortunately I would have nothing of interest to add, just here for rip roaring good time... :-) and education of course!
  9. So sorry, didn't meant to wake Great Sleeping Bear....
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