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  1. I work I tigard and I was in the side of work parking lot facing south. It seems like sprint is working its way from the south to north with the lte
  2. I just picked up an lte signal but I can't post the speed test screen shot. I got 4.65 Meg's
  3. This is good news although I'm still confused as to why portland oregon has not been announced yet as well as seattle. I'm not complaining just not really understanding the method to the rollout ????
  4. Nice to see the rollout moving along. No love for portland Oregon or the northwest yet ????
  5. I understand that rolling out LTE and doing network upgrades is not as simple as some may think. I can also understand how some people are upset I guess. At least some of the people upset have cities that have been announced. I just think maybe they shouldn't continue to announce dozens of cities as coming soon when in reality that coming soon won't be for half a year.
  6. I'm just wondering if there was any "chatter" about work being done in portland for lte? I've heard we're lumped into the Washington market
  7. They should mosey over to the midwest and Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR)
  8. I'm new to the forum and glad that sprint has launched more markets. I hope Portland,Oregon is pushed up as an early launch market
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