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  1. Was lucky to get 3G at this house before.. Keeps getting better every day!
  2. With all that being said.. Something happened overnight in the Minnesota market. I can't seem to get back on to my Sprint signal. I've always had a pretty low connection at my house(-110 to -115dBm) on Sprint, but now I'm completely stuck on the T-mo network and it's showing as fully native. Speeds over 150mbps, compared to my 3-5mbps on Sprint.. So far, I'm a happy camper.
  3. So I have a Galaxy S8+ and last night I was out driving from Willmar Minnesota to Marshall Minnesota, and my phone said I was roaming on T-Mobile B2. I ran a speedtest and got 45mbps! And my phone still said Sprint in the corner, and LTE above the signal so it was showing as native coverage! It happened 3 separate times!
  4. I have it working here in Minnesota! "Welcome to VoLTE!"
  5. I have the priorities switched, and tried disabling band 25 and 26 and nothing happened. It stayed on B25. I'm not too sure what's going on.
  6. I just received my S8+ today, and haven't been able to connect to B41 whatsoever. At my work I'd have a -95 to -102 connection on my LG G4. Any way to fix this? I haven't connected to B41 YET on this device. Was really looking forward to getting better speeds then my G4...
  7. According to a source of mine, it sounds like Minnesota will be getting a lot of small cell sites in towns that have little to no service currently. I'm really excited to see how things work out with them, because where I live is the only town in a 50 mile radius with somewhat good service.
  8. At least the ping times are below 1000ms Here in Minnesota we don't have any LTE roaming that I know of. Hopefully we will eventually, because I have a heck of a time getting data to connect on 1x roaming.
  9. What are the speeds like on roaming LTE? Take any tests?
  10. Received an update last night. Assuming it's just security?
  11. It depends on where you live. I looked at Cali, and they have very small spots where you will be able to connect to LTE roaming. I think there may be a separate thread for more LTE Roaming info.
  12. I'm wondering if this site in Willmar is the reason why I get B41 at my house. There is only 1 B41 tower in town that has been broadcasting for 2 years now, and just a few months ago I started getting B41 in one room in my house. It's a -110 to -122db connection, so really slow speeds. If I can get a location as to where it is, I can get more speedtests and pictures of the setup!
  13. Got this in the Menards parking lot in Hutchinson. My current best speedtest over an LTE network.
  14. Fastest speed I have achieved as of yet. Got this in the Menards parking lot in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Very VERY impressive!
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