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  1. blakebaa

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    So I have a Galaxy S8+ and last night I was out driving from Willmar Minnesota to Marshall Minnesota, and my phone said I was roaming on T-Mobile B2. I ran a speedtest and got 45mbps! And my phone still said Sprint in the corner, and LTE above the signal so it was showing as native coverage! It happened 3 separate times!
  2. blakebaa

    [PSA] Sprint Soft Launches VoLTE

    I have it working here in Minnesota! "Welcome to VoLTE!"
  3. blakebaa

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I have the priorities switched, and tried disabling band 25 and 26 and nothing happened. It stayed on B25. I'm not too sure what's going on.
  4. blakebaa

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I just received my S8+ today, and haven't been able to connect to B41 whatsoever. At my work I'd have a -95 to -102 connection on my LG G4. Any way to fix this? I haven't connected to B41 YET on this device. Was really looking forward to getting better speeds then my G4...
  5. blakebaa

    Sprint 3xCA ?

    According to a source of mine, it sounds like Minnesota will be getting a lot of small cell sites in towns that have little to no service currently. I'm really excited to see how things work out with them, because where I live is the only town in a 50 mile radius with somewhat good service.
  6. blakebaa

    Sprint 3xCA ?

    At least the ping times are below 1000ms Here in Minnesota we don't have any LTE roaming that I know of. Hopefully we will eventually, because I have a heck of a time getting data to connect on 1x roaming.
  7. blakebaa

    Sprint 3xCA ?

    What are the speeds like on roaming LTE? Take any tests?
  8. blakebaa

    LG G4 User Thread (Was: Rumor Thread)

    Received an update last night. Assuming it's just security?
  9. blakebaa

    Sprint 3xCA ?

    It depends on where you live. I looked at Cali, and they have very small spots where you will be able to connect to LTE roaming. I think there may be a separate thread for more LTE Roaming info.
  10. blakebaa

    Band 26 & 41 Small Cells (Airspan)

    I'm wondering if this site in Willmar is the reason why I get B41 at my house. There is only 1 B41 tower in town that has been broadcasting for 2 years now, and just a few months ago I started getting B41 in one room in my house. It's a -110 to -122db connection, so really slow speeds. If I can get a location as to where it is, I can get more speedtests and pictures of the setup!
  11. blakebaa

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    Got this in the Menards parking lot in Hutchinson. My current best speedtest over an LTE network.
  12. Fastest speed I have achieved as of yet. Got this in the Menards parking lot in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Very VERY impressive!
  13. blakebaa

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    I haven't seen any, yet. Only second carrier B41
  14. blakebaa

    LG G4 User Thread (Was: Rumor Thread)

    I'm very excited, as I should be receiving my G4 tomorrow! Thanks for all the feedback guys. By chance, does anyone know the Sprint G4 dialer codes?