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Netgear zing/ ZTE pocket wifi

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I have a note 5 that gets band 41 in a few windows of my house. Speeds are always almost 50 mbps with the note 5 (band 41). I decided to get a mobile device from sprint since the speeds were so good with my phone. They gave me a ZTE pocket wifi.


I put it in the window that had the good band 41 signal. It gets no conection at all. No 3g, no 4g. I took it around the house and can get some band 25 and 26 but very low speeds. I put it on a 30 ft paint stick into the air and still cant get as good as my phone.


It will latch on to band 41, say its connected but there is no data. I decided to try my neighbors sprint zing in the same window. Exact same problems.


I bought 20 ft ultra low loss cable and a panel antenna that covers all sprint spark and put it up high on the roof. I hooked the neighbors zing to it and would show band 41 with a -97 signal but still no data.


My phone connects just fine with a -110 signal on band 41. I dont get it. I've done multiple prl and profile updates. The signals are better than what my phone gets but still even when i force lte it has no data.


The devices work. I drove around and can get data on all bands.

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    • Going through the full list of shortcuts on my S20 Ultra: Battery Info - "Battery info isn't available on this device." Data/EPST - "Data/EPST info may not be available on this device." Debug/Engineering - "Debug/Engineering screens may not be available on this device." Mobile Networks - "Mobile Network settings not available on this device." Radio Info - Does work. Samsung Band Test1 - Does work. Samsung Band Test2 - "Band selector not available on this device." Samsung Band Test3 - "Band selector not available on this device." Samsung Band Test4 - "Band selector not available on this device." Samsung Band Test5 - "Band selector not available on this device." Samsung Band Test6 - "Band selector not available on this device." Samsung Band Test7 - "Band selector not available on this device." Samsung Hidden Menu - ""Hidden Menu: Permission Denied" Voice Band Menu - Does work. WiFi Info - "WiFi info not available on this device." I know the ##33284# was unique to Sprint branded phones in my experience, the dialer code for the Service Mode screen on Samsung is *#0011#, not sure if you want to point the Samsung shortcut to that instead now. *#0011# works on most Samsung phones, the exception being some Verizon versions.  On another note, the accent color is working on both my phones on the newest update. I've also noticed the stale 5G info does seem to clear after awhile, but I'm not sure how long that takes. An airplane mode cycle also clears it. 
    • According Sprints loyalty dept the LG V60 will be out on June 12th.
    • Both prior accent issues now solved! Thanks Nice feature.
    • With the new update Samsung Band Test1 brings up "NETWORK" menu(?).  I can get into the Band Selection by clicking the menu button in the top left. I have never used Band Selection menu before but that is what it says in the top center. I saw there were 7 different options I just figured I would let you know which seemed to work for me. No 5G in my area so I can't really test that part of the beta.
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