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Netgear zing/ ZTE pocket wifi


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I have a note 5 that gets band 41 in a few windows of my house. Speeds are always almost 50 mbps with the note 5 (band 41). I decided to get a mobile device from sprint since the speeds were so good with my phone. They gave me a ZTE pocket wifi.


I put it in the window that had the good band 41 signal. It gets no conection at all. No 3g, no 4g. I took it around the house and can get some band 25 and 26 but very low speeds. I put it on a 30 ft paint stick into the air and still cant get as good as my phone.


It will latch on to band 41, say its connected but there is no data. I decided to try my neighbors sprint zing in the same window. Exact same problems.


I bought 20 ft ultra low loss cable and a panel antenna that covers all sprint spark and put it up high on the roof. I hooked the neighbors zing to it and would show band 41 with a -97 signal but still no data.


My phone connects just fine with a -110 signal on band 41. I dont get it. I've done multiple prl and profile updates. The signals are better than what my phone gets but still even when i force lte it has no data.


The devices work. I drove around and can get data on all bands.

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