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Locaid and Sprint


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Get the tinfoil hats out for those paranoid of being tracked =D


Locaid is a LaaS (Location as a Service) provider that when a user opt's into service, can be tracked via their cellular device.  Many companies use their services, you can check them out here:  http://www.loc-aid.com/


My question for everyone here, has anyone ever integrated with them before?  I am a product manager for a piece of software that is integrating to their services.  We currently have things working, but feel like its not being as useful as first thought.  In a nutshell, they can return A-GPS locations and Cell-ID (base station).  For Sprint, its boasted to be over 95% A-GPS.


This is where my dilemma now comes into play.  We are seeing 4 Sprint devices, same model phone, and 2 of them are always A-GPS, 2 are never A-GPS, and this is running off the same towers in the same 1 mile radius of each other.


Just curious if anyone has ever worked on a project and was getting location data from Sprint, and what your accurracy success rates were.

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