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RSRQ on iPhone


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When I had Verizon, I often used my SIII's engineering screen. I'd have sub 1mbps on LTE pretty much all over northern DE. After combing through the info here and at hofo, I figured it was the very, very high RSRQ values. I could have a -110db RSRP, but a -30 RSRQ and receive 80kbps download speeds. The threads here were very helpful on RSSI vs RSRP. Needless to say I dumped Verizon's thinly spaced and overloaded network.


I now have an iPhone with at&t. Having twice as many cell sites as Verizon here helps tremendously, but I still wanted to look at RSRQ values. There are times where I have 2 bars (-70 RSRP), so I am thinking my RSRQ is bad in those areas. My iPhone, however, always shows insanely high RSRQ's of over -24db. If it was really -24, I'd have a really tough time using data. 


Even AnandTech's writeup on the iPhone 5 shows a high RSRQ of -23.75 



It boils down: Does iPhone engineering screen show RSRQ properly compared to Androids? I do not think it does, since mine seems statis at -24.75 most of the time, but I thought I'd ask here. 

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