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  1. Finally! They still should add 25/26 for I-95 capacity. Verizon added onto this site in December 2014. AT&T has been there for ages. What's annoying is Spring actually HAD panels here until ~2006. T-Mobile had panels here until ~2012. It also looks like T-Mobile recently added panels back to this site in the last few months? I didn't get a good look last time I was there, but there are definitely 4 racks again. On a completely unrelated note the Blackiston DE site is still 3G only 6 years later....
  2. Not my experience at all with at&t. I can drop LTE at -115 to -120 where B17 is performing at 1-2mbps and HSPA+ is performing at 5-8mbps at -96 signal. If signal is weak, I generally get better speeds on HSPA+. You're probably right, in theory, but in practice HSPA+ usually outperforms slow LTE areas. I cannot think of one area where LTE is weak and slow, but HSPA+ is worse. It's generally agreed upon at Hofo that HSPA+ is a great fallback network.
  3. Will we see more of these vs. the pico cells that were posted in 2015? None of those have shown up in the Philly market, but I am hopeful for the mini macro. No at&t or vzw small cell developments here either. Only T-mobile due to MetroPCS building out a DAS years ago...
  4. Blows my mind that Sprint still has no LTE at the Delaware beaches. If anyplace in Sussex needed it, that would be it. That and some of the Kenton area towers (& eastern MD) have had NV 1.0 done for years and still no LTE. I can't buy that backhaul is the holdup at this point. Still find it interesting a site in Dover was accepted in 2014 but it doesn't actually exist. Who is running this project?
  5. It will be interesting to see how all 4 do this weekend with the papal visit. The Parkway DAS was labeled a dud during 'made in america' a few weeks ago. at&t recently launched 10x10 Band 4 & upgraded band 2 to 15x15, and I still have issues at times. I don't have a CA enabled phone though. Verizon seems to be stuck on 5x5 band 2 often and their 15x15 Band 4 isn't very fast either from reports on hofo. I'm considering Sprint, but it doesn't look like they are too good in Chestnut Hill? At&t seems to do fine, even in basements (we are house hunting). Does anyone frequent that area-I do know they are the only carrier to not be on the Philadelphia Dance Company old chimney located here: https://goo.gl/maps/k6vGsmAtHhE2 which seems to provide a good bit of coverage for the area :/ at&t, vzw, and Sprint all need to work on getting on board with DAS in Philadelphia. I know VZ and at&t randomly do in places in the suburbs but T-Mobile seems to have the most in the city.
  6. While I think T-Mobile has done a decent job catching up, those maps are a joke. They added LTE to almost every site in Delaware, added ZERO new sites, and it's a mix of Band 2 & Band 4 & Band 12 for LTE and voice is a hodgepodge of 1900 HSPA+ and 1900 GSM. Only about half the sites received Ericsson AIR and band 12, so the network experience cannot be too great overall. Yet, you'd think T-Mobile blanketed the state with LTE...while there are still large gaps with no service. Sprint still has more coverage than T-Mobile here, but T-Mobile acts like they're at&t all of a sudden.
  7. Will Sprint do carrier aggregation for other bands, or just B41 20x20 & 20x20 (what a huge pipeline...crazy!).
  8. When I had Verizon, I often used my SIII's engineering screen. I'd have sub 1mbps on LTE pretty much all over northern DE. After combing through the info here and at hofo, I figured it was the very, very high RSRQ values. I could have a -110db RSRP, but a -30 RSRQ and receive 80kbps download speeds. The threads here were very helpful on RSSI vs RSRP. Needless to say I dumped Verizon's thinly spaced and overloaded network. I now have an iPhone with at&t. Having twice as many cell sites as Verizon here helps tremendously, but I still wanted to look at RSRQ values. There are times where I have 2 bars (-70 RSRP), so I am thinking my RSRQ is bad in those areas. My iPhone, however, always shows insanely high RSRQ's of over -24db. If it was really -24, I'd have a really tough time using data. Even AnandTech's writeup on the iPhone 5 shows a high RSRQ of -23.75 http://images.anandtech.com/galleries/2386/IMG_0041_575px.PNG It boils down: Does iPhone engineering screen show RSRQ properly compared to Androids? I do not think it does, since mine seems statis at -24.75 most of the time, but I thought I'd ask here.
  9. Seems to be a CDMA issue? I remember you having this problem 10 years ago..and if it isn't the NID, I wonder what it is then. Capacity? Verizon is really becoming dreadful here with incoming call reliability. Sprint, while better than Verizon in my area, also would do this from time to time. I really haven't experienced it yet once with AT&T. AT&T is obviously using a cdma platform now (WCDMA) for voice now too, but I still haven't had the issue with them.
  10. This happened in Philly along I-95 as well. An old abandoned building had 4-5 carriers on it. A taller monotower was built literally across the interstate. One by one, each carrier added racks. One day the building was gone. Sprint was silly, however, as they moved the Nextel panels and old Sprint tech over to the cell site. This was maybe October 2012....that tower JUST received network vision two weeks ago. I'm not a sponsor anymore so I don't have the ID. OP--Don't worry, you'll still have signal, the carriers and cell site companies will figure something out.
  11. Very interesting topic. I'm trying to determine some locations with Verizon....it seems they somehow mask any information that is relevant? The BID seems to be relatively useless and netmonitor, etc. don't even try to estimate where the cell site is located as seen in post #13. I am trying to figure out why my one work location can get a -74 to -84db 1X signal and yet terrible data signals. Calls also, often, go straight to voicemail. AFAIK all of the local Verizon towers have LTE. However I can't seem to exactly know 'for sure' what site I am using. Any insight? Verizon, of course, claims everything is A-OK. Well my co-workers and myself are getting pretty irritated as we are all stuck on Verizon for work cell phones (State forces us on VZ). SID: 08 (Delaware & Maybe MD) NID: 08 (Same) BID: I've seen 4705, 4706, 679 & mainly 4708. According to http://howardforums....d.php?t=1578315 these are useless anyways. PN: I remember PN offsets from the old flip phone days but I cannot seem to determine them on my SIII. http://opensignal.com/blog/2012/08/10/how-to-tell-in-which-direction-a-cell-tower-lies/ is an extremely interesting post but it doesn't seem to add up for my area. Not sure why that is exactly but my base ID's are certainly not in 256 increments.
  12. So if some GMO sites are not receiving the additional backhaul...essentially the upgrades won't show performance improvements right now then? No 800, No LTE, no enhanced backhaul. Good for the future, but doesn't sounds like they do much for the customer right now.
  13. Wow I remember Sprint would be 1X after the Lehigh Tunnel on 476. I haven't had Sprint since 2011 so I naturally figured it was EVDO by now. Good to know, thanks for the info.
  14. Just was there this past weekend due to a family emergency. Verizon was OK. LTE was strong where I was staying near the highway. But further into town everything was rather weak. I actually roamed on Alltel's 3G network a few times. Alltel was much bettter than Verizon, my family that live there have VZ too and they cut in and out on almost every phone call. Sprint seems like it is relatively weak looking at the tower map. No one that traveled with me has Sprint so I can't really comment on it. AT&T seemed about as bad/good as Verizon, but they are working on PCS at least.
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