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CM10 on Galaxy Nexus/ No LTE connection


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Hey, New guy here so please don't freak out if this has already been addressed haha, it's important. I couldn't get LTE for the life of me on this ROM even when I was somewhere Sensorly showed a strong signal. Then I realized it was using old radio files and once I flashed the GA02 version LTE popped right up..might help someone out do o thought I'd throw it out there. Btw great site, glad to be here!

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    • I found some automated crash reports from a Motorola Ace.. not sure if they were from you or not, but they are bizarre. The error is a security exception claiming "insufficient location permissions" but the triggering code is the block that runs once location permissions are granted. ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ EDIT: I'm guessing they are from you. The timestamps were from 5-10 minutes before your post, and it's on two identical devices.
    • Looks like T-Mobile just got an opportunity to expand n41 in Shentel-land https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/shentel-sell-its-25-ghz-spectrum-assets
    • Almost at 76% licenses "sold" at $160 million. Like watching paint dry.¬† Will check again in a few days.¬†
    • I guess we'll see how many takers there are for this:¬†https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-08-04/dish-nears-launch-of-mobile-service-taking-on-at-t-and-verizon One early drawback to the Boost Infinite service is that, for now, subscribers will need to buy a $900 Motorola Edge+ phone to get connected to Dish‚Äôs new network. More phones that are compatible with the system are expected in the third quarter, Dish¬†told analysts¬†Wednesday. Registration Site:¬†https://www.boostinfinite.com I remember when Virgin Mobile went iPhone-only:¬†https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/21/virgin-mobile-goes-iphone-only-offers-a-year-of-service-for-1/ That didn't go so well.
    • Hey Mike¬†¬†¬† Ya I was the one that brought the issue to your attn for the color thing on my 6T like 3-4 years ago¬†¬† that was fixed after like 6 months¬† and I never had any issues with that anymore till the 1st¬† Android/OxygenOS 12 update but it hasn't done that anymore (that i've seen lately)¬†¬† it just doesn't give me the¬† signal strength much anymore¬† it'll show it for like 5 mins then¬† switch to¬† "--"¬† and stay that way¬† Sometimes if I close it out and reopen it¬† it'll come back (tho the icon is delayed showing up for like a min¬† or so when it used to show up instantly) but after a few mins it's back to showing "--" again and other times it'll just come back to the "--"
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