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VoLTE. A tool for innovation


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With VoLTE starting to peek its head out, this editorial discusses interoperability issues, industry standards and how VoLTE can be deployed to the masses. What's interesting is that VoLTE can be embedded or used as a client.


Quote: Fiercewireless said:


Having an embedded solution could provide some benefits, Stone said, such as optimizing battery life or leveraging other capabilities that might be native in the device. However, he also said that offering VoLTE as a downloadable client on a device will allow the company to get VoLTE-capable devices in the hands of more customers more quickly.


Read more: Interoperability issues aside, OEMs should consider VoLTE as a tool for innovation - FierceWireless http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/interoperability-issues-aside-oems-should-consider-volte-tool-innovation/2012-03-12#ixzz1ov55k1uM

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