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Iphone5 not connecting to LTE

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I don't think it charges you.


I recently had a device replaced by AppleCare and the new phone showed up on Sprint.com as "EXCH iPhone 5 32GB", but with the old phones ESN. Plus I forgot to swap SIM cards. So I had to go get and activate a new SIM which they have an online form for, but it wouldn't let me change the ESN. So I had the bright idea to try activate a new phone and bam, issue resolved.


Also, the Sprint stores apparently don't have iPhone SIM cards anymore. They directed me to the Apple store instead.


I dream of Sprint one day just getting on the SIM bandwagon like everyone else, especially since the 5S (and presumably all models going forward) support CSIM or whatever it's called where you can activate on CDMA via the SIM card.

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I dont think you would need to pay because I thought you only had to pay an activation fee on an brand new phone that u just bought and activated for the first time. Not if you bought it and want to re activate it. Like if you bought an phone off eBay or something. You don't have to pay an activation fee to activate the phone on your account right?

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