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Qualcomm RF360 / WTR1625L - hype?


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Qualcomm has certainly flooded the web with it's press release about the RF360: http://www.qualcomm.com/media/releases/2013/02/21/qualcomm-rf360-front-end-solution-enables-single-global-lte-design-next



Unfortunately I can't find any actual details about the chipset, specifically how many active bands the WTR1625L will support and thus how truly "roam-able" devices built with it will be. It looks like the only real "innovation" is stacking the chips to achieve a smaller package, along with some standard lower power consumption stuff we're used to with new chip generations.



I even found some sites describing their Gobi platform as software-defined radio which is surely a mistake; I'm almost positive this thing will have a limited number of bands, fixed in silicon at the factory.



Anyone else want to hazard a guess? I would love to see a truly SDR solution that had amps, filters, etc that could dynamically adjust to support any frequency band. That's certainly the holy grail - one chipset to support almost any current or future technology on any band - but we're a long way from being able to miniaturize such things.



My guess is they slapped a couple of extra ports on it, maybe instead of three sub-1Ghz, three 1-2.5Ghz, one 2.5Ghz plus ports the new chip may have 4x4x2, then you'll still be stuck with choosing the correct QFE27xx that has filters, amps, etc for the specific bands you want to support. Meaning there will still be carrier-specific and country-specific models.


It makes all the hilarious "universal worldwide LTE phones coming! OEMs can build just one model for the world!" articles doubly funny (they mostly just reprinted the Qualcomm press release - SOP these days)

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