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AT&T wins LTE speed race, MetroPCS stumbles


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Lets see it again in two years once Sprint is (more or less) done, T-Mobile actually has something to show, and AT&T and Verizon also have time for their networks to complete and mature. At this point it's pretty meaningless with how much is happening on all carriers.

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As for us in Tulsa. AT&T has actually become pretty slow. LTE is about 4mbps where I live.


I can't speak for Verizon but this secondary T-Mobile line has given me a much faster experience than AT&T does.


It's like I already have LTE (edit: well sorta).....




(Tethering Sprint GS3 to my T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G Modem)

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It's like I already have LTE.....


Not on the uplink...



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