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ATT AWS in U.S.?


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Anyone know if this article is true?


it turns out that in a few parts of the country, AT&T does use a wireless band supported by the Nexus 4. And if you’re lucky enough to be in one of those spots, you can use the Nexus 4 as a 4G LTE device in the States.


Linke to full article, http://liliputing.com/2012/12/google-nexus-4-to-work-with-att-4g-lte-in-a-few-parts-of-the-us.html

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Funny that you mention this. A week ago, I drove 700 miles roundtrip to Oklahoma City to investigate the XDA report that AT&T had finally deployed some of its AWS 2100+1700 MHz holdings. The AWS report coming out of OKC made perfect sense because OKC is otherwise a single license 5 MHz x 5 MHz LTE market in Lower 700 MHz spectrum (whereas most AT&T major markets are dual license 10 MHz x 10 MHz LTE in Lower 700 MHz spectrum).


However, I ran sweeps with my spectrum analyzer at half a dozen places around the metro and found no evidence to corroborate the XDA report of AT&T LTE on a Nexus 4 (which tacitly supports LTE in AWS only). You can see one of my RF sweeps below:




As it was revealed later, the XDA poster is located in a small town just outside of OKC. So, the report of AWS LTE may still be accurate. But it does not make much sense, since the high traffic areas of OKC are not utilizing AWS -- at least, they were not as of last Monday.



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