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RIM - How the CEO's blew it!


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Warning - This is a long but interesting article none the less. A history of RIMM and how RIM, Nokia, PALM and MS were blindsided by the iPhone and failed to recognize it. Also how RIM's "incremental approach" to updates caused it to fall farther & farther behind. You will also find the ironic statement by Ballmer.



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It is, but it shows so much of the potential RIM let slip away, although at the beginning I sorta agreed with their methodology. They waited too long to respond and got locked into incremental innovation and got away from what RIM was suppose to be about. They think they have a plan to come back and it looks plausible, but if the market decides RIM is irrelevant then it won't matter.

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My company reissued new smartphones last month to everyone, and instead of Blackberries every single person chose an iPhone (except three or four who got top end Android phones).

Only ONE person got a Blackberry, and he regrets it and is going to take it back and exchange it for either an iPhone or Android.

I can't add anything that hasn't already been said except they really didn't see the changes coming at them and were too complacent for too long.

Too bad, as they really were at the top of the smartphone game back in 2006-2007 when I worked at Sprint (I almost bought a Blackberry in 2007 except I didn't want to pay the (then) mandatory $10 BIS fee that employees had to pay).

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