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Sprint tops in being a "Green" Company


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Sprint Ranks #3 on Newsweek Magazine’s Green Rankings

Posted by CMatSprint on Oct 22, 2012 12:16:53 PM

For the fourth straight year, Newsweek’s annual Green Rankings has recognized Sprint as one of the greenest companies in the United States, ranking us third (for the second straight year) among the 500 largest publicly traded corporations. We are proud that Sprint continues to lead the industry in environmental business practices, the only wireless carrier to rank in the top 25.


Our inclusion on the list is based on 2011 performance in areas like greenhouse gas emissions and wireless device recycling. Today’s Newsweekannouncement also coincides with the release of Sprint’s annual Corporate Responsibility Performance Summary which provides greater detail on how the company, continues to advance their efforts to be a more sustainable company.




It’s a great accomplishment for Sprint and our employees that Newsweek has once again recognized our sustainability efforts – especially since our commitment to doing the right thing is an integral part of our long-term plan to reduce costs, drive revenue, increase customer loyalty – all while mitigating our impact on the environment,” said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.


Newsweek’s Green Rankings thoroughly evaluate the environmental performance of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States and those worldwide, and are based on a number of criteria including environmental impact, environmental management, and environmental disclosure collected by leading environmental research providers,

Trucost, and Sustainalytics. Sprint’s successes in these areas are highlighted in greater detail in our performance summary. Notable achievements include:




Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sprint has the most aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-reduction goals of any U.S. wireless carrier. At the end of 2011, we were halfway to our goal of a 20 percent absolute emission reduction by 2017. We achieved a 3.25 percent year-over-year reduction in absolute emissions along with a 31 percent year-over-year reduction in emissions intensity – milestones reached through the introduction of more-efficient network equipment as part ofNetwork Vision.



Electronic Waste Reduction

Sprint is the first and continues to be the only U.S. wireless carrier to outline specific commitments that address electronic waste (e-waste) holistically by focusing on the full lifecycle of the electronics it buys and sells. Our Electronics Stewardship Policy publicly states our pledge to responsibly recycle electronic scrap while also striving to boost equipment recycling and reuse. To date, Sprint Buyback, has taken back more than 40 million devices andhas diverted millions of phones from landfills. This year alone, we have put over $75 million back in customers’ pockets through the Sprint buyback program.


Sustainable Devices

In early 2011, Sprint collaborated with Underwriters Laboratory to launch the first environmental standard for wireless devices. Those standards, now called ULE 110, are a set of guidelines for manufacturing and operations, performance, energy management, sustainable innovation and packaging. In May 2011, Sprint launched the Samsung Replenish, which was the first wireless device in the United States to receive ULE 110 certification. We have since launched seven more Platinum-certified devices and continue to lead the industry in offering more devices with eco-friendly features than any other wireless carrier in the United States.

Our strong commitment to sustainability as a core part of our business strategy continues to receive recognition. Earlier this year, we were named No. 4 and the only wireless provider on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Top 20 Technology & Telecom list of green power users within the sector. This summer, we were recognized by independent analyst firm Verdantix as the top U.S. wireless provider for corporate sustainability performance; and, for the last two years, Sprint Buyback has been named the best phone trade-in program in the industry by Compass Intelligence.

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