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at&t Enhanced PTT


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Ma Bell (at&t) is certainly pushing hard to steal Sprint's remaining Nextel customers touting that their new Enhanced PTT service will be ready for November. The biggest part of this is that they are quoting it as an all IP based service, still setup by Kodiak Networks, and the video they are showing on their website shows instant response times. Has anyone here been using Sprints new Direct Connect network and how is it for response times, and has it gotten better since it was launched.


They are so desperate that they are offering $100 off coupon for early adopters as posted directly on their site.




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These all seem to be software implementations without the PTT "button" on the hardware. I find it amusing that they refer to it as AT&T's "iDEN" network as if Motorola's iDEN is as generic a name for PTT as Kleenex.

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