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A Different Kind of Sprint Rant


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So I discovered this site in April or May of this year. I was pretty impressed with the information and the way people talked about what the Sprint network would look like after the NV upgrade was complete. Sprint's stock had been beaten down pretty good and was hovering in the mid $2.


I decided to take a flyer and on May 22 bought the stock for $2.44. Around here though it sounded like most of the improvements wouldn't be recognized until 2013 or 2014 so I liked the idea of owning the stock but thought there was some time before the real upmove would occur so I sold some Calls for half my position that would expire in Jan 13 with a strike of $3.00. I got a 12% premium from where the stock was trading which didn't seem all that bad for a 6 month option.


With the stock currently at $5.15 I'm left shaking my head. So S4GRU is responsible for one of my best trades, buying S for $2.44 and watching it go up over 100% in under 3 months. And also S4GRU is responsible for one of my worst trades, being forced to sell half of my position at only $3/share.


I'm just kidding of course with all of this. This site is great and it is impressive to see the stock run up likely due to many of the same things people around here are discussing. I'll be holding the remainder of my position and hope to be back here grumbling in another three months with the stock crossing $10/share.

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The only rant I have about your post is that this is not in the General Topics section. Try to keep Network Vision related discussions and news in this forum and all other stuff in the General Topics section.

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congrats on your trades, im so upset that i missed out on this recent rally at sprint, Sprint stock has been really beat the past few years, as most people are looking at their perpetual financial losses every quarter. I knew that the stock would go up once sprint turned everything around, but did not expect it happen so soon. Once i came upon this site and learned more about network vision, i was even more confident about sprints future. The funny thing is the tech and network geeks, have known about this for such a long time, it took until recently for the investment world to catch on.


I really believe when sprint starts reporting quarterly profits their stock will skyrocket, but i dont see that happening for a while until they finish up network vision and completely shut down iden network.


Now the real question is, do you wait for the possibility that Sprint's stock will go back down, to buy more, at the lowest possible price, and risk possibility that it doesnt drop. Or do you buy while its at $5..00 right now in hopes of it going much higher. Sprint used to trade in the 20's if i remember correctly back in like '07.

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