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Study finds fewer carriers better for consumer with spectrum scarce


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This is so egregious! I'm sure billionaires would say it would be better for the economy if they had all of our assets, too.


AT&T sits on so much unused spectrum all around the country. We don't have a spectrum problem for the big carriers. They can divide their cells up smaller and smaller. But that costs money they don't wanna spend.


It's the smaller carriers who need more spectrum, so they can install larger EVDO and LTE carriers for faster data performance.


When I think about all of the spectrum AT&T owns and has never deployed on, it makes me really pissed off!!! :mad:

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This was just one study and it appeared flawed once you took off the myopic spectacles. Makes since if you take a narrow economoc view that takes away market forces. Probable funded by AT&T so they could say, "I told you so" to the FCC.

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This smells like AstroTurf. Phoenix has a history of pro-industry studies. I would love to see who their major donors are.


Even without this, it's absurd to the point where anyone with any knowledge of the subject can poke holes in their study with little effort.

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    • Mike, are you still recommending that this beta only be used on on dual psim/esim devices or should it now be basically safe for all devices (with usual beta risks)?
    • A new SignalCheck Pro beta is rolling out right now with LOTS of bug fixes.. and some new features. The full changelog is in the app or on the website. In addition to many bugfixes, there are some notable new options: Colorize location display to indicate low accuracy (yellow when Trail Logger is enabled) or outdated timestamp (red). This is enabled by default. Enable/disable display of location coordinates with location accuracy and the location timestamp.. so now each value can be individually enabled/disabled. Configure the maximum age of location data before Location Service is restarted; the default remains at 10 minutes but can now be configured as desired. Limit max number of neighbor cells to display (including 0, if you only want to see the summary line). Some users are seeing LTE or NR data persist after a connection is lost. I made some minor changes, but I wanted to get this release rolled out before continuing to dig deeper into that issue since I made so many other changes that may or may not impact this bug. One thing that users can try is to disable the option under Preferences > Display Settings > Show Hidden Data -- that may resolve the issue. Looking forward to feedback! Thanks..
    • Yup. It keeps GPS info up to date while logging. 
    • Looks like GPS Status and Toolbox
    • https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-att-and-verizon-gear-super-bowl T-Mobile DAS upgrades and AT&T under the seats antennas are interesting. Hopefully someone gets pictures and details of the under the seats antennas.
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