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Just FYI




Stuck on bootloop?


try "fastboot erase cache".



Q: Does this give bootloader TAMPERED?

A: Yes but you can install RUU and will be gone.





For google wallet when you first open the app the first time, simply don't grant it Root Access through SU. It works fine and doesn't say unsupported. Tested yesterday at target.


and if you already messed with Google Wallet before this




go into super user and remove google wallet from the list

Clear user data and cache on the app

relaunch and deny su


Try that. I did it slightly differently because I used Titanium backup to backup the phone as soon as i had root, so I uninstalled Wallet, reinstalled and denied SU



For Titanium Backup


How do I make my apps on my sd card show up in Titanium?


UPDATE: Go to Menu>Preferences>Backup Folder Location>Detect>Whole Device Then select use the current folder once ext_sd is found

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