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  1. LTE Band 13 in Humacao. My iPhone keeps switching between Open Mobile and Sprint. Data speeds are amazing. I usually was getting speeds below 1mbps on band 25.
  2. I would say the speeds are decent considering that I normally wouldn't get pass 1-2 Mbps on band 25 until after 10-11 pm.
  3. I also get high speeds while driving on the highway, since most of the time nearby sites aren't as congested.
  4. Sprint really needs to step up their game here, on average I'm getting speeds below 2 Mbps. And it's only getting worse with each passing day. These were taken in completely different locations.
  5. http://www.800ta.org/content/reporting/QPR_09.30.14.pdf http://www.800ta.org/content/fccguidance/DA_15-62_01.16.15.pdf
  6. I guess Sprint is doing away with upgrades after 20 months into the contract.
  7. Deployment for B41 can't come soon enough.
  8. Sorry, I totally forgot. Won't happen again.
  9. imatute

    It's Out!!!! (iOS 7.x Jailbreak)

    Any luck trying to get rid of the bug? I'm also having the same prob. It won't go away even after restoring and re-jailbreaking.
  10. Since I haven't donated in the past, they only thing I have to do is donate $75 and I will automatically be a Premier Sponsor? I don't have to do anything else? I'm just making sure.
  11. imatute

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    So it's safe to say that the Note 3 will be single band LTE? I don't want to regret buying the iPhone 5s.