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  1. Hi .. workers in my town antenna.. can somebody help me what carrier is the one doing the upgrades? They are working in the green rectangle i made
  2. So according to sprint customer support... PR will not be included for voLTE. Anyone can confirm that? What a shame.. if thats true.
  3. During my trip today.. No b41 yet in Moca and no b41 near Puente La Victoria "Aguadilla" but i dont know if Sprint has a site in that place.
  4. This is what my girlfriend's S10+ service menu shows http://imgur.com/gallery/6Td48J1
  5. Anybody knows when voLTE will be available in Puerto Rico? I saw that in the US is already available almost in 44 states.
  6. Wow, huge difference. No, i live in Mamey. Near Pepperoni pizza restaurant ( old restaurant Rincon del sabor)
  7. Sprint is better now? Switched carriers a year ago and im considering coming back. How are the speeds right now? Im from Aguada
  8. There's a few Sprint workers in top of the Aguada town antenna. Finally after many years i see some movement from Sprint
  9. Sprint coverage is now improved?? Well.. thats what they are saying right now
  10. So, finally Sprint is doing something here lol.. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  11. Well... lets see what happens because b13 speeds are the same of b25.
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