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  1. My iPhone stays connected to B13 most of the time, I would say 90% of the time, even when I’m outside. It does this even in places where I previously had full bars on B25.
  2. On my way back to Humacao, I also managed to stay connected to band 13 in Gurabo, Juncos, Las Piedras and, obviously, Humacao. I was getting a high ping though, around 400, and the speeds were anywhere from 0.80 mbps to roughly 2 mbps.
  3. I didn’t pay much attention from Humacao to Caguas, but once in Caguas all the way to Bayamón I was connected to band 13, except for a split sec where I connected to band 41 near Plaza Las Américas. It didn’t last long though, I soon was connected again to band 13.
  4. I have to turn roaming on in settings to be able to connect ‘cause otherwise I wouldn’t be able to. In Candelero Arriba, Humacao I was able to too, but it was only after the tower I normally connect to was down for a few days. However, after the tower was restored I haven’t been able to connect again
  5. Los Prados, Caguas. I feel like Band 13 is gonna be the new Band 25 in terms of congestion.
  6. LTE Band 13 in Humacao. My iPhone keeps switching between Open Mobile and Sprint. Data speeds are amazing. I usually was getting speeds below 1mbps on band 25.
  7. I would say the speeds are decent considering that I normally wouldn't get pass 1-2 Mbps on band 25 until after 10-11 pm.
  8. I also get high speeds while driving on the highway, since most of the time nearby sites aren't as congested.
  9. Sprint really needs to step up their game here, on average I'm getting speeds below 2 Mbps. And it's only getting worse with each passing day. These were taken in completely different locations.
  10. http://www.800ta.org/content/reporting/QPR_09.30.14.pdf http://www.800ta.org/content/fccguidance/DA_15-62_01.16.15.pdf
  11. I guess Sprint is doing away with upgrades after 20 months into the contract.
  12. Deployment for B41 can't come soon enough.