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  1. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Galaxyguy- Ok, it's now 12 hours since I fully charged my phone. It shows 74% full-- I have been texting on sms and Messenger all day, but with lighter than usual web access. But still, that is pretty darn good compared to my Note 4 and more than twice as good as when I was on Call Plus. I know, I know. Too small a sample size- that will come with time. But decent anecdotal information for the time being.
  2. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    burnout8488- Probably about 30 minutes a day. I mostly text and web browse with it. Galaxyguy- I didn't add any other apps at that same time... Of course, Samsung has installed a number of apps around then and in the last week that I have no use for- I'll watch to see if indeed my battery rebounds or continues to suck.
  3. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    I installed the Call Plus on my Gal S8+ early last week and found within a few days that my battery just didn't last even a half day! I've been used to it lasting the full day with moderate use and almost two days with low use. So, given that I had battery issues back with my Note 4 when I kept the WiFi on all the time, I turned off the WiFi portion of Call Plus and suddenly I've got more out of my battery. Makes sense. But still being frustrated by not having a full day of usage yesterday I've turned off that feature entirely. I like the idea, but am unwilling to take the hit too my usage. The calls were clear, but certainly not worth the hassle.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    My phones app installer just told me it was installing "App Stack." Once again, not something I requested. Also of concern, I can't seem to find it in my phones app list nor on my installed apps in Playstore. Is this "App Stack" a hidden Samsung or Sprint program? *****I did some checking & found App Stack was popular back in 2011 (!), but couldn't find any recent activity. I did find that my concern has been voice by others over other 'push' Sprint apps over the years- this was just my first experience of this phenomena. FYI the app makers describe it as "App Stack is a paid widget app for Android phone that enables the user to launch any of their favorite apps simple and fast. With this app, the user can add or remove app installed on the phone. Once the app has been added to App Stack, it can be launched from the widget. Categorize stacks with up to 5 different stacks for every groups. App Stacks gives a fun, cool and easy way to launch the apps." So why would I possibly need that when I have that utility with the right edge loader? Or that odd right thumb-wheel thingy - which is ABSOLUTELY USELESS to me as Left Handed!
  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    What the heck with app being installed without my permission? And I can't find it in my PlayStore list. I'm speaking of the "Secure WiFi" app that keeps putting itself forward each time I unlock my phone. Telling me to purchase it. To subscribe and pay money again and again... This is most annoying. I don't want this app. I want to get rid of it. But there seems to be no way to do so. And where does ?Sprint? or ?Samsumg? get off on forcing additional apps down my throat? I bought into the S8+ knowing there was bloatware (and what sort), but my previous phones of Samsung/Sprint persuasion never just installed another app without my opting in beforehand. Whew! Enough rant. I guess (although I don't want to) I can live with this, after all S8+ is still best phone I ever had^. _______ ^ Although AT THE TIME of issue my EVO LTE blew everything else out... that phone convinced me to come to Sprint.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I used to keep WiFi on whenever I was home, but I noticed that I use my computer for almost everything except calling these days so experimented with keeping WiFi off all the time. ^Besides which, when I changed over to 'unlimited everything' the Sprint Store personnel told me there was no longer any reason to use WiFi!^ Since I have been almost exclusively off WiFi, I've notice that my phone's charge seems to last about twice as long as before. Why would the WiFi connection drain so much power? I did not change any apps, so can't blame another obvious source. ie - with WiFi on most of day, 7 hours till recharge (15% left) -- without WiFi on at all, 15 + hours till recharge (15% left).
  7. Sim Card Switching

    I have a Sprint Slate 8" with unlimited data, but the tablet feels inadequate. I can get a Sprint Galaxy Tab A 10.1" for cheap refurb- can I put my Slate SIM card in the Tab A and have it work? It is already a data plan so I am NOT cheating anyone.
  8. Band 25/26 & 41 CA

    This HPUE seems to be working on the other side. Enhancing the equipment to provide "...an average 3dBm increase in performance..." on band 41. Pocketnow article-- http://pocketnow.com/2016/12/13/sprints-hpue
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    eHRPD: Any charger.
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    Just recently my N4 has been informing me that I have "weak charging" - my phone draining faster than the phone can charge. I'v tried a new battery, but that hasn't worked. I've stopped using FB Messenger as that was a battery hog. Is it possible that the software update introduce some bloatware that is using up my resources? Never had this problem before. Or is it likely that it is just an old phone that needs a repair?
  11. Galaxy Note 6 Rumor Thread

    I found two articles of interest, as August roll-out is quickly approaching. http://9to5google.com/2016/06/03/samsung-galaxy-note-7-august-leaked-image-surfaces/ https://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/features/samsung-galaxy-note-6-deals/ It looks like incremental upgrades not the really dramatic upgrades posted earlier. Just so long as I can add a 200 microSD to it I'll be happy with minor changes. And, of course, they don't speak of radio goodies at all.
  12. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    jreuschl - and I was mostly asleep when that rolled by. Is there anyway to see that, or a comparable, listing now- post install?
  13. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    My phone just downloaded a new software update. Where can I look to see what it is supposed to do for my phone? Sprint forums didn't seem to help. For that matter is this the number I need to search on-- n910pvpu4dpe1 ?
  14. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    Now it's saying I'm supposed to create an Oculus acct., I have no need. It also said that there was a "power sharing" app that I had to get from the Samsung App Store that it has just loaded onto my device that if I don't use 'just right' will drain my battery IMMEDIATELY... Scary stuff. Not loading that if I can avoid it. I don't have any of this Gear, why should I be messing with these scary Galaxy apps?
  15. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    Since 11am PDT my note4 has been trying to get me to install Samsung Gear at about 145mb. I don't have SG and probably won't get it, but my phone keeps bugging me... Just now it started making odd wah-wah noises and provides a printed message saying to install the software! I can't seem to get it to acknowledge I don't want it. I guess I'll have to install. Oh- says Samsung Gear VR. Eight programs including two Oculus programs. Sorry, 128.48mb.