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  1. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Blimp cab
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    I ate a a chicken leg and I also ate pumpkin pie mashed potatoes and much more. I am full and topped it off with a cup of coffee.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Hey everyone happy Thanksgiving! Regards Daniel.
  4. sprint network 2018 predictions

    The public's trust with Sprint is nill at this point.
  5. sprint network 2018 predictions

    hello everyone i m starting a thread for sprint network predictions for 2018. i am wishing sprint and s4gru a happy holidays and new years. regards Daniel
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    What are you doing today for Thanksgiving?
  7. sprint network 2018 predictions

    i can definitely see that happening and actual native foot print expansion happening. due to seeing the ceo saying price hikes are going to happen. it indicates network investments ramping up. lets see. this maybe sprints last shot at public trust.
  8. sprint is doing much better then i thought which is great! lets see what they do in the near term....i am very hopeful they can improve and compete.
  9. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    hydrogen blimp
  10. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    train car
  11. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    train wreck
  12. Pixel 2 by HTC User Thread

    Ok. My bàd
  13. Pixel 2 by HTC User Thread

    so does it use the same sim size as the iphone 7 plus?
  14. Pixel 2 by HTC User Thread

    i hope it fixes it or i will send it back the same day.
  15. Pixel 2 by HTC User Thread

    i m getting my pixel 2 xl later tomorrow...well it has the snap dragon 835 so depending on the carrier support it can do 4 carrier aggregation
  16. Pixel 2 by HTC User Thread

    what about the buzzing and hissing sounds?
  17. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    we will see what happens with that.
  18. Hey guys I was browsing one of my news applications and I found interesting article about Verizon Wireless in Maine I'm sharing the link. http://wcyy.com/verizon-is-dumping-an-entire-chunk-of-maine-from-their-wireless-network/ Tell me what you think.
  19. Pixel 2 by HTC User Thread

    i am getting the pixel 2 xl. is anyone with either phone having a problem with screen burn in?
  20. I have Xfinity mobile and that runs off them. I haven't had any issues.
  21. very interesting indeed...you almost never see anything like that. very rare!
  22. Galaxy Note 8 rumors, specs, thoughts, etc

    I have had my note for two weeks and it's pretty good.
  23. yes...thats what i meant...why is it called a town meeting....