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  1. Ment to post this a few weeks ago now but durring the webn fireworks newport side i was able to pull 35mbps on the river infront of the aquarium that shows what great strides sprint has made
  2. Just spent a day down in BG territory and 3g only and my s6 edge was saying roaming when my account updates I'll let you all know if it is truly roaming as I had to use GPS alot while there
  3. I'm going to be going to a BG only area in 2 weeks I'll see if a android phone pinks up lte
  4. The latest updates show b41.2 when you in a area that has a 2nd carrier
  5. the northern ky portion of the cincinnati outage has been fixed anyone else know about the rest of the outage
  6. sprints network is down for all of cincinnati ohio dayton ohio most of Indiana Chicago and milwaukee sounds like someone made a booboo lol
  7. Exciting times can't wait till they start expanding coverage and getting more tower density to take out the dead spots in lte coverage keep up the good work sprint
  8. Yes some maps that i did on monday are now updated on the map
  9. don't compare northern ky to the rest of ky and Columbus is too close to Pittsburgh to "rule" cincinnati isn't the best but at least it isn't Cleveland lol
  10. woohoo finally a huge update in the cincy market almost all of northern ky is nv 1.0 upgraded with at least 3g service looks like they might be finished by middle to late july with towers that is full upgrades may take later for more info on what towers have been upgraded please donate what ever you can
  11. Florence and Union now have LTE !!!!!! Purple being laid as I type this
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