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  1. I recently noticed that I connected to a tower with a "squared" symbol. Does that mean carrier aggregation? If so, I thought the Nexus 6 was NOT on the list of devices that work with Carrier Aggregation?
  2. I noticed a tower being upgraded near me and I would assume it is for B41. The tower currently has B25/26 on it. However, I am not 100% sure this is a Clearwire/Sprint upgrade. Based on this forum, the B41 antennas are supposed to be smaller than the Sprint B25/26 antenna, however, from the link below the Clearwire B41 antenna are a little longer. The circles in red are the new antenna, and the circle in green are the Sprint B25/26 antenna. Are the one's in red Clearwire B41, or are they for another carrier? http://i.imgur.com/pKd7MsJ.jpg
  3. Just an update to my Nexus 6 activation issue at a Sprint store. I called back and they are still having problems, but I found out the issue was that every time they would scan the Nexus 6, it wasn't giving the upgrade discount. So when they scanned it, it would show the cost of the full price of $649, instead of the upgrade price of $249. They even tried scanning it into another account and it did the same thing. They think the problem is, the Nexus 6 is so new in the system that it can't apply the upgrade discount. They said they will try and call back tomorrow and hope to have it resolved in the next day or two.
  4. I went to a Sprint Corporate store today to see a Nexus 6, and they had one on display. I must say, the screen doesn't seem to be to big for me. I asked if they had any in stock, and they had one. I told him I will take but I have a SERO account. He said that shouldn't be a problem and we might just need to call Telesales to have them add it to your account. Well he went through the normal process of getting it setup on my account and it appeared that to have passed that critical step of if we needed to call telesales, but for some reason it wouldn't let them add the Nexus 6 to my account with the 2 year upgrade. For grins. they grabbed a new Note 3 to see if it would accept it, and it would. The manager gave it a go, but was running into the same problems. She went in the back and I guess sent out an email to other managers in the area to figure out why it won't let them add this NEXUS 6 to an account. I mentioned the how I had heard to leave the last digit of the IMEI, but they said it isn't failing at the part where they add the IMEI. Not sure what exactly is the problem, but they said they will call me once they get if figured out. So I headed home without a Nexus 6 for now, but will give them a call a little later for an update.
  5. Ughh.. Mine is literally stuck it the spinning color balls for 15 minutes. I already flashed twice and it still hanging.
  6. Are you talking about when it first tries to boot up and the 4 color balls are swirling around? Because that is where I am stuck and I am just letting it do its thing.
  7. I think you might be onto something regarding microSD slots. Last year I was really looking at the LG G2 but with no removable battery and no microSD slot, I wasn't totally sold. When the Nexus 5 came out it was in the same boat as the LG G2 with the lack of a removable battery and no SD Card slot but I liked the reviews of Triband coverage and the added options of putting just about any SIM into it to experiment with other carries. Now with the LG G3 now having removable battery and an SD card slot makes me think those manufacturers are learning that just having those 2 specs gives them an edge over Iphones. Just a thought.
  8. http://www.androidcentral.com/googles-nexus-6-reportedly-spotted-engulfing-hand-its-user-bus-ride?utm_source=ac&utm_medium=dlvrit Well apparently a Nexus 6 was spotted in the wild. Again, who knows if this is actually a Nexus 6, but this just adds more fuel to the rumors floating around.
  9. I also got the update and was on the gold old .15 radio. I decided to put the new .13 radio back on to see if anything has changed as I will test it out by driving around later. My band settings are the same as oldblue910 and it appears that my dBm reading are almost in par with the .15 radio, where before they were reading a lot higher. It might be because I was adjusting my CPU setting with the Franco kernel at the same time, but I will have to go out and test this and see if it fixes where I would drop to 3G and stay there. I am just hopeful that maybe this push was Sprint engineers saying they have fixed the issues we have been seeing with this new radio and their towers.
  10. If you took 121 from I35E and headed towards DFW airport and specifically near Grapevine, then there is a B41 Clearwire tower near Grapevine Mills mall. In that area is one next to the mall and an additional one in an area not even a mile away from Grapevine mills right off of 121. I was able to pull B41 with my nexus 5 but it did drop me down to 3G and keep me there. I am pretty sure that tower is having eCSFB issues. Since you are premiere you should be able to see it on the B41 map. Again, I think a lot of towers in the DFW area with B41 have eCSFB issues.
  11. I think at least in my area of DFW, that it is an eCSFB issue with B26. I put the .13 radio back on and then disabled only B26 to see how my phone would handle it. Well after a quick drive to an area that would drop me down to 3G, my phone did drop me down to 3G but after driving to another area with a different tower it eventually connected me back to LTE within a few minutes. Where before it dropped me down to 3G I would stay parked there for over an hour or more, unless of course if I did a data reset. I also drove to an area with very very spotty or non-existent LTE and was dropped down to 3G and then it did connect me to this one B41 tower. So it does appear that the issue, at least in my area, is an eCSFB issue with B26. It sucks because I loved connecting to B26 but I can leave it disabled for now and periodically enable it to see if Sprint fixed the eCSFB issue with B26.
  12. I also was right next to a tower that has been broadcasting B25 for over almost a year and I was stuck on 3G until I rest the data connection. I also drove a little further north to an area that has several towers with at least B25 and B26 and noticed my phone lost data link completely and then cycled to 3G. That was it for me using the .13 radio. I am now back to the .15 radio. The last 2 months I have been using .15 and rarely had any issues, so I will stick with .15 until either a couple more towers come online with B25 or Sprint calibrates B26 in my area. I am hoping there is another radio in the works that performs better.
  13. I have sort of seen the same thing. An area I was at a couple days ago with the .13 radio would drop me down to 3G and keep me there. I noticed last night I was in the same area, dropped to 3G and then later noticed it connected me back to LTE. I also wonder if Sprint is doing some tweaking?
  14. Well after driving around so more with the .13 radio, I went into a fringe LTE area, or what I thought was a fringe area and it was picking up B41 towers like crazy. I was watching it switch between them as I drove. Finally once I got to where I was going I was on 3G, which is pretty typical for the area I was at. This area doesn't really have any B26 towers ready,or they were just outside the zone for .13 to pick up. I then drove into a more LTE friendly area and held LTE the whole time. I even discovered a tower that only had B25 and B26 last week not has B41, so I was able to grab all three bands from that tower. So it appears if your area has at least B25 and B26 running it should hold onto that LTE. I also have a feeling, at least in my area that they haven't really calibrated B26 yet on any of the towers and hoping that the B26 range goes a little further. So far what I have noticed with .13 and pretty much reiterates what others have said, the signal levels read higher or lower depending on how you view it. For example, if I was pulling -.90 dBm with .15, I am now pulling -.95 to -.100 dBm's. If I ended up stuck on 3G and I was in an area where I know I could pull LTE a simple airplane toggle or SignalCheck Pro data reset would reconnect me to LTE. I will probably stick with this radio for now, but again if I am out somewhere it is being weird I can always flash back to the .15 radio using CMW recovery.
  15. I think you might be onto something. So far my initial tests have been the same. When I was using the .15 radio in my area I would stay solidly on LTE when I would go from my house to the store 5 minutes away. Now with the .13 radio both before and after I loaded 4.4.3 I noticed that it fell to 3G and stayed there. I had to toggle airplane mode to get LTE again, and this is me right next to the tower. Earlier today I was still on 4.4.2 with the .13 radio and it also fell back to 3G and stayed there. At my house I left it alone and did not toggle airplane mode to see if it would cycle through and see if LTE was available. I probably waited 30 minutes or more and it still stayed on 3G. I am pretty close to the tower and have had LTE here for a couple of months. So I think there is something with it making 3G the priority, which I think might be a mistake. I remember seeing a diagram laying out how LTE radios are "supposed" to work, but I can't remember exactly where, but the diagram showed that the radio would seek LTE first and if it couldn't find it then it would fall back and see if 3G was available. So even if you are driving switching towers, it will look for LTE first and if it finds it, it will lock onto LTE. This radio seems to seek 3G and then stay there unless you toggle airplane mode. I will drive around more tomorrow and see if changing the "Preferred Network Type" from Global to "LTE Recommened" and see if that makes a difference. If it doesn't make a difference then back to .15 I go, because at least around DFW and even in Chicago and Milwaukee when I visited a month ago the .15 worked great at picking up all 3 bands.
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