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  1. No LTE live in SW Austin yet, but the towers down here just switched to eHRPD today, so moving the right direction.
  2. In Texas they are officially called "loops". Says so right on the signs. A little hard to make out, but you can see Loop 1 here in Austin.
  3. There are so many other lower priced devices out there which will perform the same function, and much more. For the Nexus Q to be successful, Google is going to have to both drop the price and unlock more functionality with future software updates. Google is not stupid, so I'd be surprised if this isn't already in the plans.
  4. Understood. I did just notice that the antenna tower near my house (DA04X030) has recently become TWO towers. Maybe a good sign? Thanks. -Matt
  5. Thanks Robert. Appreciate the reply. Any info on specific locations of the planned LTE sites in Austin Metro area? I'm particularly interested in the SW region of Austin (78735). Thanks again. -Matt
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