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  1. I got my sprint magic box in December and the site said that it was available in bumpass va, it was working for 3 months until last week. Got a replacement and it's not connecting, now the site says it's not available in bumpass va and the magic box tech support confirmed that it was compatible with tower so I want an explanation for why it's not working anymore.? She said that possible upgrade is coming..... Who knows.
  2. My sprint magic box stopped working, got a replacement magic box that's unfortunately doing the same thing. When I first got it in December i had LTE, then I was in bed it stopped as if they were waiting for me at home lol.
  3. Actually, on the LTE discovery app it called sprint spark
  4. Why can't sprint make a magic box that utilizes all 3 band's?
  5. I was actually getting sprint spark via the magic box until it pooped out on me, I'm in a rural area in Louisa County Virginia.
  6. Don't forget about the massive doses of radiation from 5G
  7. I go My magic box 2 or 3 months ago and it was working, then I was in bed on my phone it suddenly stopped, reset it then error 245 came up. MB technical support said that the tower near me wasn't compatible with the magic box, how do they explain the fact that it was working for 3 months? Their site now says the magic box isn't available in my area. Getting a replacement soon.
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