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  1. There is a 4g signal on highway 99 in federal way near the Wal-Mart off 340th
  2. I'm in the Rainer valley area of Seattle and got a 4g signal. From mlk and Graham street to mlk and Othello st
  3. after I got midway thru the bridge the signal it stay for another 30seconds then it dropped
  4. I was just on I-90 from mercer island to Seattle and I got a 4g signal.
  5. I wonder what other towers are being worked on I hope they light up nv and lte up soon in federal way because my service has been horrible since the beginning of november and everytime I call they say my tower has intermittent service.
  6. I live in federal way which isnt to far from kent and my 3g is horrible.
  7. That is great to know maybe that's why the tower in m area has had intermittent service it been horrible since the 4th of this month
  8. I hope that is the case... It will be a welcome change because data speeds Have been horrible for months and it was never that way before.
  9. I've noticed improved 3g speeds when I got my s3 I've been using an evo 4g it's nice to have a decent speed could that be because of the s3 radios.
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