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  1. Feel like Seattle is the last round of the NV lol slow data wait wait forever. went to sprint last this monday i said you guys lied to the customer about the lte toll out schedule to sale lte phone they just give me a response: "Yeah" how funny
  2. Tower is gone ??????? It used to be more one tower on cap hill area but now just one left ! no wonder date is bad
  3. but i dont think we can get LTE at the end of Dec tho ...... sign ......
  4. now they are saying we wont get lte until Feb, went to sprint store today.
  5. Need help any of you guys have date issue in Seattle area this 3 weeks ? I called sprint 100 times and their customer is horrible as all you guys know.
  6. 3G connection is really bad this two weeks, full bar but slow and sometimes can't even connect
  7. where do you test this ? I live in dt and did see anything yet. and 3g is horrible
  8. I live in Seattle have been using my new iphone5 about 3 weeks already. Love it! The first week data is super fast and great connection, but since last week to now, my from 3g to 1x all the the time, even on 3g is superrrrrrrr slowwwww also. Does that mean sprint is doing the update? based on my location broadway, Seattle. it should be great coverage! When this will be over, coz my battery dies carzy !
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